On the Road


It’s Monday, which means the start of a new week. And for MSU coaches, it means hitting the road. Basketball coach Rick Stansbury is out today to check on some prospects, which means assistant Robert Kirby will be filling in on the SEC teleconference. And football coach Dan Mullen, fresh off a weekend of hosting recruits, is back at it trying to polish off a recruiting class that is now ranked 20th in the country by Rivals.com and 17th by Scout.com. That’s thanks to three new commitments, as I’m sure you’ve heard.

In women’s basketball, the Lady Bulldogs beat Kentucky yesterday, 52-45. MSU (14-4, 2-2 SEC) was led by Chanel Mokango‘s 15 points.

As for tomorrow’s paper, I’ll be columnizing about the hoopsters, who return to action Wednesday at LSU.


19 Responses to “On the Road”

  1. benzadawgfan Says:

    B-rad, Any specifics on who Stans is seeing? Any ideas on who the last few signees will be for coach Mullen?

  2. maroon1white Says:

    We’ve got the QB.
    We’ve got the WR’s.
    We’ve got the D boys.

    Who are the big prospects that we need?
    How many spots do we have left?
    How long has it been since we’ve had recruiting wrapped up & looking so good?!? 😀

    Go State!

  3. phantomdawg Says:

    I have an announcement to make The Cincinnati Bengalis will be changing their name to the Cincinnati Tampons as they are only good for one period and have no second string. I’m starting a petition to second that name change

  4. BirdZ! Says:

    Well, that seems a little out of place.

  5. phantomdawg Says:

    Yea BirdZ! the first post is random sorry but that just me lol

    Hot diggity Dawgs!!! I am excited about the way out young basketball team has grown up before our eyes and has developed into a mature well oiled machine. Sure they have more growing and developing to do but they are getting there very repidly. The weekend has been outstanding for Mississippi State Athletics. MSU men won over a very good Vanderbilt team. The lady Bulldogs won a decisive game ovet Kentucky on the road. The Bulldogs received verbal commitments from 3 more of the states top high school football players and the recruiting class is ranked no. 17 by Scouts.com. I have a notion Coach Mullens will pull a few more rabbits out of the recruiting hat before it’s over. Yes, a very good week for the Bulldog nation indeed!! Coach Stans is first class. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding coach who is also a class act as a human being. His record is outstanding, especially when you consider the league MSU plays in. He is a keeper.

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    Benza: Not sure who Stansbury is looking at. As for Mullen, I’ll have a recruiting update for Wednesday’s paper.

  7. thespear Says:

    phantom, I might can find you some third graders who will sign your petition…. at least they would find it funny

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Hey BL would you put my link in your blog roll, I promise to never compete or to bring up the same issues as you-besides right now we are talking politics.

    If you can’t its cool.


  9. Brad Locke Says:

    Done, my friend.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    thanks BL

  11. benzadawgfan Says:

    dude, it is coach MULLEN. NO S ON THE END!

  12. maroon1white Says:

    benz, if you hadn’t said it I would have. A lot of people did with Croom (Crooms).

  13. darkcooger Says:

    Shouldn’t Bulldog fans be used to the phantom S? “Starksville.” I couldn’t tell you how long that realtor sign stood in the entryway at Kroger with the extra S in the middle. Hard to imagine that a local realtor would want that kind of mistake associated with their name. Anyway…

  14. imabulldog Says:

    Coach Mullens is gonna be so much better than Crooms

  15. dawgface52 Says:

    It’s the same people that shop at Walmarts. 🙂

  16. benzadawgfan Says:

    It’ll be sweet to see coach Mullen surpass Croom’s (notice the apostrophe) win total before he starts his third year is over!

  17. imabulldog Says:


    Yeah, especially when he does it a much shorter time, heck he could even give Jackie a run for his what- 76 wins?

    Jackie was building the program, establishing it, ground-up, so you think that Mullen could atleast match it

  18. imabulldog Says:

    Hey dawgface- Do those people “warrsh” their clothes as well? 🙂

  19. benzadawgfan Says:

    No, ima, they wear ’em dirty. My earlier comment was poorly stated. I meant Mullen’s 3 year win total beats Croom’s 5 year total.

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