Hoops: LSU 81, MSU 57


Mississippi State got out-shot, out-rebounded and generally out-played at Pete Maravich Assembly Center tonight. Marcus Thornton reeled off 17 of his game-high 31 points in the first 6 minutes, 17 seconds of the second half as LSU (15-3, 3-1 SEC) turned a three-point game into a blowout. MSU (13-6, 3-1) was led by Jarvis Varnado‘s 18 points.

MSU shot only 36.5 percent from the field, 25.0 percent from 3-point range. LSU hit 48.3 and 44.4, respectively.

Now, to the quotes:

MSU coach Rick Stansbury:

• On Thornton: “We had our best defender on him, Barry Stewart. … He’s had those kind of games before. You hope you don’t have to be a part of one of them.”

• On LSU’s rebounding: “Their toughness and their experience showed out there tonight. They were very good. They’ve been very good for the last three games.”

• On MSU point guard Dee Bost (2 points): “He got hit in the mouth, he wasn’t his self. And for us to be successful, he’s gotta get in there and be more of a factor than he was tonight.”

• On his team’s poor shooting: “We know we’re very fragile. We know we’ve got to make shots.”


• On Thornton: “He hit some tough shots. I put a hand in his face. Take the credit to his teammates they set some good screens off the ball, and they got him open.”

• On the loss: “I think this game is going to test our team and how quickly we can recover.”


• “They just out-toughed us. They got every loose ball.”

• “I felt like going into the second half we could win this game.”


8 Responses to “Hoops: LSU 81, MSU 57”

  1. mississippipitbull Says:

    We need an extra big man. Clean up guy. Offensive boards easy points and blocks. Who’s the 5-star looking at State? Future still looks bright though. What hapened to my boy Osby? What were his numbers like for the game? And Johnson no hot shooting? I didn’t catch the game. Any showings Thursday?

  2. buzzardroostus Says:

    We need a demolition man. A Dennis Rodman or Ron Artest. Someone that will foul people hard and it won’t matter if they foul out. Bailey has be tougher when he’s in the game.

  3. benzadawgfan Says:

    Yeah Buzzrd, he certainly has the body to be a force down low, and from time to time, I can see his potential. He just doesn’t seem to have that ‘fire’ consistantly. I would also like to see Ravern toke it to the rim more often. He has the athletic ability to make people look silly trying to d him up.

  4. gomsudawgs1977 Says:

    We have been living and dying by the 3 pointer. This is what happens when we go cold. State needs a consistent inside game and move without the ball. Is Barry really our best defender? I’ve seen him look really lazy on defense last year, haven’t seen him this year.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Live by the sword, you die by the sword- we did exactly that last nite

  6. benzadawgfan Says:

    I think we could run the offense through Varnado the way he is scoring, and maybe force teams to go to a zone, or at least give help. That would get us some better looks from three.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    where is everyone today?

  8. mississippipitbull Says:

    I like benza’s idea. You get them in the zone, pass it around you’re going to beat that zone. Varnado is the elder on the team right? He was at the big dance last year and should have beat M town. Does anyone play NCAA Football 09 Mississippi State is so lowly on the game. Ya’ll think we’ll get a big boost in rating this seasons with the speed we’re bringing in. Speed kills in college. I hope we still run heavy though. We’ve got a USC-style stable of running backs. How many are there going to be? Give me your opinions.

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