Hughes, Knox Hired


Made it in to Baton Rouge, where I await the tipoff of MSU and LSU at 7. While on the road, I learned of a couple of hirings to the MSU football staff: Tony Hughes and Greg Knox. The school announced Hughes’ hire this morning, and the Clarion-Ledger first reported the Knox hire, which an MSU spokesman confirmed.

Here’s some quick background on each coach.

Tony Hughes
2008: Southern Miss (secondary)
2007: Ole Miss (tight ends)
2005-06: Ole Miss (defensive backs)
2004: Louisiana Tech (outside linebackers)
2003: Louisiana Tech (defensive backs)
Also: Coached at Hinds CC, West Alabama, Hattiesburg HS, South Natchez HS, Philadelphia HS

Greg Knox
1999-2008: Auburn (receivers, recruiting coordinator)
1995-98: Ole Miss (receivers, recruiting coordinator)
1992-94: Stephen F. Austin (receivers, special teams)
1990-91: TCU (secondary, special teams)
1988-89: Northeastern State (running backs, special teams, quarterbacks)


14 Responses to “Hughes, Knox Hired”

  1. bulldogrifleman Says:

    This coaching staff looks REALLY solid. Especially in the realm of recruiting.

  2. gogawgs09 Says:

    dan the man has put a big emphasis on hiring coaches that had a rep of being a great recruiter. that’s a big plus but i hope they can coach as well as they recruit.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    I worry about coaches that can’t stay in one place though (Hughes)

  4. buzzardroostus Says:

    The only coach we need to worry about staying in one place is Mullen. If he stays for a while then we’ll have to be doing good. I think he’ll be gone if he can’t put together a winning season in 3 years. Assistants will come and go regardless of results (unless Croom is the coach).

  5. mississippipitbull Says:

    I was kinda hoping he could snatch his the defensive coordinateer from Florida also. Shannon’s a great motivater. Look at Florida’s D. You know brig friend along as Co- head coach sorta deal. We need some guys to motivate too. But I guess our jobs. Go STATE!!!

  6. infination Says:

    Having coaches that can recruit is great… Just so we don’t get “Orgerons”. That’s about all he’s good for as far as I can tell.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    did you mean ‘Crooms’ 🙂

  8. infination Says:

    I think Croom was great for our program. During a drought of scholarships and probation and having so much to fix after the Sherrill Era, I think our program benefited greatly from his integrity and discipline. It’s just unfortunate that he wasn’t given the time he was promised, and that it was obvious that it just wasn’t going to work out between him and Ruby/Byrne. I think he’s a great coach and I wish him the best in his future endeavours and hope he gets the job he wants next.. Just another year or two and he’ll have 20 years of pure success in the NFL. Thanks for that window to pay my respects to a great man 🙂

  9. mississippipitbull Says:

    Right..right. Croom was the damn man, imo. The guys great. When he won that bowl. Did you guys see the tears. That was a great achievement. And he took the program from depths of hell to where we are now. Much better off. I figured MSU would try to keep him for the recruiting part and he was an all american on the o-line. Great guy.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    Hey guys, i was just making a joke related to the ‘spelling’ from the other day…
    remember Crooms and Mullens, no “s” on the end.

    Heck no, Mullen is the man! not CC

  11. bigdraws Says:

    Great guy. Terrible head coach and a lazy recruiter.

  12. imabulldog Says:


  13. mississippipitbull Says:

    I’m saying for the times that he was leading us out of the gutter. The man tried like others. Look where we were before Croom. Mullens going to put us where we should be. On the top. I know at least over that school without a mascot. Go Dawgs!!

  14. thespear Says:

    knox may turn out to be a better recruiting coordinator than Wilson.

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