On the Links, On the Road


Fixing to head back to Tupelo, but before I do, here is a look back at Mississippi State’s 81-57 loss to LSU last night. And in my notebook, I take a look at Dee Bost, rebounding and what proved to be a bad omen for the Bulldogs.

MSU (13-6, 3-1 SEC) returns to action Saturday at Georgia (9-9, 0-3). Tipoff is 5 p.m., and it can be seen on ESPN2.

As for other SEC action last night, here are some finals: Alabama 76, Ole Miss 73; Kentucky 73, Auburn 64; South Carolina 70, No. 24 Florida 69. Yeah, that last one was an upset, and it was exciting, too. Check out the ending.

By the way, MSU’s women (14-4, 2-2 SEC) are down here and play LSU (9-6, 2-1) tonight at 7.


16 Responses to “On the Links, On the Road”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    apologies to anyone on my site, i had the comments turned off- so now you can post. My bad

    Good articles BL-keep it up

  2. imabulldog Says:

    Holy Crap! I didnt see the highlights last nite- shoulda watched that instead of doing lesson plans last night! WOW

  3. mississippipitbull Says:

    The guys couldn’t get’em but the Lady Bulldogs will eat’em alive. I think MSU should rock some those new logos on the b-ball jerseys. I want to see what jerseys and merchandise looks like. Any sites anybody know? Logo’s better than ever, imo. Did Romero Osby play? What were his numbers like?

  4. The Prez Says:

    try the link to the game story that Brad put up under “On the LINKS, On the Road”

  5. The Prez Says:

    oh, and Osby got kicked off the team

  6. rwriffe Says:

    What do you mean Osby got kicked off the team?

  7. imabulldog Says:


  8. The Prez Says:

    ok. i made that up. i was just trying to get pitbull to look up the game story instead of playing 20 Questions on here.

  9. mississippipitbull Says:

    Damn Prez you didn’t have todo it like that though. I had the same reaction. Osby is going to be pretty good.

  10. JB Says:

    ima, what is you site? I promise you that I will not post prono stuff and how great the Ole Miss Rebels are? You had mention in another posted article, to visit you site. JB

  11. imabulldog Says:


  12. imabulldog Says:

    You can look under recents to find old post

  13. JB Says:

    Thanks, ima, I want go there and cause you any embarrassment. I will stick to the van,PA,BL, posters there keep me in my place and frequently tell me of the fool that I am. Again, Thanks, JB

  14. imabulldog Says:

    Naw JB, my peeps will be nice-or they just won’t blog πŸ™‚

    JB, I hope you don’t think we are supporting Obama or anything over there πŸ™‚

  15. Braves Dawg Says:

    jb, you should have a blog.

  16. imabulldog Says:

    Yeah Jb!

    Anyway, I really hope our boys come out and play with a passion tomorrow nite! I’ll be getting home from a wedding-maybe in time to see the 2nd half. Let’s hope so.

    But I hope they beat UGA like they beat Houston, give a good pounding, get our confidence levels back up. Gotta get hot again, can’t let one loss(bad) hurt us

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