Stansbury, Players Speak


The media assembled at Humphrey Coliseum this afternoon to chat with MSU coach Rick Stansbury and several players. The Bulldogs are off Wednesday, then host Ole Miss on Saturday. The big news of the day in the SEC is Mark Gottfried leaving Alabama. Stansbury offered his thoughts on the situation: “I hate it for any coach. I hate it for Mark, Mark’s a really good person. It’s very obvious that he’s been a great coach over there for a long time. … That’s the beast of the business. That’s the life we’re in.”

Now, to some excerpts from today’s gathering, Stansbury first:

• On the Georgia win: “We got hit in the mouth at LSU in a bad four-minute stretch, but our kids found a way to respond. Any time you can go out and respond on the road with a road victory, it shows your team is making some progression.”

• On having Wednesday off: “I’ve always said once you get in a rhythm, you like to keep your rhythm. You like your same routine. … It’ll give us a chance to do a few things, to spend a little more time on a few things than normal, make some little adjustments here and there.”

• On being out-rebounded so often: “Do I like getting out-rebounded? Absolutely not. You win championships on the road by defending and rebounding. This team’s put together differently. Can we win a championship put together the way we are? I don’t know. We’ll see. Ask me 11 more games from now, we’ll see.”

Now, center Jarvis Varnado:

• On Ole Miss: “They’re pretty scrappy. You can never take Ole Miss lightly, because this is  rival game. They’re going to be pumped just as well as we are.”

• On Georgia win: “I think this team is finally growing up.”

From backup Elgin Bailey:

• On bouncing back so well: “I’m very surprised. We came back with it on our minds, we took it to Georgia. We kind of let up in the second half but we got back on it, and that’s how we’re supposed to do it.”

• On the bench play: “We’ve got great talent on the bench. We work just as hard as the starting five, maybe even harder.”

Freshman point guard Dee Bost:

• On Ole Miss: “I heard that it’s a big rivalry. The place will be sold out, everybody will be loud. I’m sure it’s going to be real competitive between both teams.”

• On the Western Division race: “Right now I feel that we’re the team to beat if we continue to win and play good.”

And finally, guard Ravern Johnson:

• On LSU loss: “We can’t let just one loss like that mess up our season. We talked about it, and basically what we said was, ‘We’ve got to bounce back.’”

• On trying to draw more fouls: “The coaches are on me hard about driving the ball. I’m trying to put that in my game, but when I try to drive, I never get fouled. I’m trying to do what coach asks.”

PS: I’ll have an update on the Bulldogs in tomorrow’s Journal. My column, which will be on football, will run Wednesday.


10 Responses to “Stansbury, Players Speak”

  1. JB Says:

    Sorry about that of Mark Gottfried. I always had respect for Mark and his coaching at Alabama. Rick Stansbury another very good basketball coach, Stater you should appreciate Rick and what he has accomplished on his watch. TO CAB DRIVERS: Need not worry about Rick,not at least for now, but should the Rebels prevail on Saturday, that would be another thing. Now back to the 4-1. May need to re-evaluate this figure, but still believe it could possible change to 4-2 .

  2. darkcooger Says:

    JB, always a source of jokes. 😉

    Good to see that Rick is aware of the rebounding problems that the rest of us see. I also hope Bost isn’t looking at the Division race already. It’s too early for that. There are still individual games to win. They need to focus on those one at a time. Still, I’m happy with the Dawgs so far. They’ve managed to hang on to some good wins even though it looked like they were trying to give it away (Georgia, especially).

    I’ll be at the Hump Saturday, and I’m looking forward to my first basketball game in a long time. Can’t wait to see the Dawgs beat up on some cabbie-hatin’, pillow-stealin’ Rebels!

  3. JB Says:

    darkcooger: I really hope you enjoy, and I believe that you will, that basketball game Saturday; not a joke intended, but in sincerity. JB

  4. maroon1white Says:

    I know this is a b-ball post but couldn’t help but share the news. Billy Hamilton has committed to State but not just for Football he’s also going to be on the diamond. Also, Mardrecas Hood is taking an official this weekend sounds like he’s really impressed with the spread Mullen is implementing.

    Go State!

  5. darkcooger Says:

    I believe you, JB. I love having you around here. You have a great sense of humor. 🙂 I think you’re right, too: I’ll probably enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. I love to watch a good basketball game!

  6. imabulldog Says:

    JB is UM beats State, I’ll post “I was wrong-JB was right” 🙂

    I say Dawgs by 12

    As for now, I posted another Obama chat, you know, the guys thats destroying our country

  7. benzadawgfan Says:

    Cooger, I think Bost was just responding to a question on the division. Coach Stans will keep ’em focused on 1 game at a time.

  8. JB Says:

    ima:” JB is UM beats State, I’ll post “I was wrong-JB was right”. Do I hear some doubt here? Truthful, ima, I think State will win. Just stirring up a few State fans. I do the same things to some Ole Miss fans over on PA when some get to cocky. No harm intended.

    This day I will appreciate and give thanks to the LORD. As The Psalmist state in 118: This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. So when one reaches my age, they should appreciate the day. JB

  9. imabulldog Says:

    there you go JB! No lack of faith in my Dawgs or the Words you just said 🙂

  10. mississippipitbull Says:

    This ain’t DMX but its the YEAR OF THE DOG!!!!

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