On the Links: Hoops & Recruiting


Well, Saturday’s Ole Miss-Mississippi State game just got a lot more interesting. Any of you watch the Rebels stun Kentucky last night, 85-80? I’ve gotta go back and give it a look. Thank heaven for DVR.

As for MSU, it has no mid-week game. But I took a closer look at an interesting trend in regards to the Bulldogs’ scorers – a tale of two halves, if you will. Ravern Johnson, for instance, is averaging 9.4 points in the first half of SEC games, compared to 3.0 in the second half. He’s been shut out in the second half in three of MSU’s five SEC games. But others have picked up the slack, like Jarvis Varnado, who’s averaging 8.2 points in the second half (13.4 total).

Now, to the gridiron. My opinion offering today was some high praise for new coach Dan Mullen‘s recruiting efforts. The big question: How will it translate to the field of play? Signing Day is a week away, so a good bit of work remains.


One Response to “On the Links: Hoops & Recruiting”

  1. bikerdawg Says:

    The first order of priority is not how they will perform on the field. It is to actually get their signature on a piece of paper that says they are REALLY committed to MSU. Once they are in school and on the practice field, then Coach can try to teach them to contribute to the team. Some of these young men may well be on the field next year. Only time will tell.

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