Dennis Felton Fired, with Reaction


As you’ve probably heard by now, Georgia has fired basketball coach Dennis Felton. Here is the latest story on it. Interim coach Peter Hermann just fielded questions on the SEC coaches teleconference. Said Hermann, “It’s not a good day for the Georgia program. We don’t feel it’s in the best interests of the team and the players and everyone preparing for games when a decision is made like this. But that’s the prerogative of the administration in charge at the time.”

Georgia is 9-11 overall and 0-5 in SEC play. The Bulldogs fell 83-57 to Florida last night. In five-plus seasons, Felton had a record of 84-91. He led UGA to an unexpected SEC Tournament championship and NCAA tournament berth last season, but that obviously didn’t carry over.

Georgia plays next on Saturday – against Alabama, which fired Mark Gottfried on Monday. Hermann said he figures they’ll call this “The Interim Game.” Philip Pearson is coaching Bama for now.

It’s quite unusual to see basketball coaches fired at midseason, but it happened last year, too, with John Brady and LSU. “All three of those guys had won at a high level at various places,” said Trent Johnson, Brady’s replacement. “All of a sudden they became a bad coach? I don’t know, it’s just disturbing. This business is what it is.”


2 Responses to “Dennis Felton Fired, with Reaction”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    That interim coach probably will not be voted back next yr after that little comment he made about the administration.

    But then again, he probably knows he’s out the door at the end of the year as well, because a new coach will bring his own staff in

  2. darkcooger Says:

    Wow, basketball coaches are starting to get treated like football coaches. I have my gripes with Stansbury, but I hope we hang on to him. Granted, his situation isn’t even remotely similar to Felton’s, but there are a few similarities with Gottfriend (players leaving, for example).

    Here’s hoping that Ninja Byrne truly isn’t on a top-to-bottom house cleaning mission and will keep Stansbury around as long as he’s producing.

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