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Blog Bag Postponed

January 30, 2009

In short, today got away from me. Heck, I’m still waiting on my supper at IHOP. Anyway, rest assured I will have a Blog Bag for y’all, but not until Saturday night. Thanks for your patience.


On the Link … Yeah, Just One

January 30, 2009

The pushing back of the 3-point line – from 19 feet, 9 inches to 20-9 – has had an effect on the college game. What kind of effect and how much? Depends on who you talk to, as I write in my story examining the issue. Had some good leftover quotes about it that didn’t make the story.

• Kentucky coach Billy Gillespie: “I don’t think there’s as many teams shooting it well, but it could be personnel, it could be a number of things.”

• Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl: “I wasn’t in favor of the line moving back. I thought it was pretty good where it was.”

• Auburn coach Jeff Lebo, on good 3-point shooters: “I don’t think it’s a big deal for them. I think there was a short period of time, I think they’ve already adjusted to it. Now, you move it back any further, I think it will become more of an issue.”

I’d love to stick around, but I’ve got much work to do. I’ll check in later with the Blog Bag.