Blog Bag Answers … Finally


Finally, here it is, this week’s answers to your questions. But let us begin with some excerpts from an interview I conducted with AD Greg Byrne on Friday. I asked him some questions y’all had about video boards and uniforms and such.

Byrne said the football video board should have all the finishing touches put on it by the spring game, which is April 18. As for the baseball board, it has HD capability, but the games won’t be shot in HD this year because the control room is not yet HD compatible. Byrne said the plan is to streamline the video boards. “Eventually what we’ll do is we’re going to combine our baseball and basketball production room with our football production room, and just run a fiber optic cable and have it in one central location, and move all the HD equipment in there.”

I asked him about having ribbon displays in the football stadium, but he said that’s way down the priority list right now.

Now, the uniforms. Byrne said the school and Adidas are still trying to decide when the unveil them. “They look great,” he said. “Lot of trim. I mean, they look good. They look sharp. … I think no matter your taste, I think you’ll be OK with it.”

Now, on to the rest of the questions.

Q: Though it’s early in the SEC season, looks like the West winner has a better than average shot at the SEC title since the West teams play each other twice and the East teams once. Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee may end up beating each other up with the “best” in the west having a better SEC record. Thoughts?
A: The SEC West’s only hope, right now, to win the overall is LSU. Mississippi State, despite that loss to Ole Miss, should make some noise (and so will those Rebels). Hard to say which division is better, because neither impresses me much right now.

Q: Call some of these commits and ask them what they expect of themselves.
A: Well, I got Tyler Russell. Hope that suffices for now: “I think that this class that we’re getting right now, if everybody stays together and everybody signs and we do go to State, I think it’ll be one of the best classes Mississippi State has had in a long time, if not the best. All of us know each other and we played together in the all-star game, and I think it’s going to work out real good. I’m looking forward to it.”

Q: When does the new merchandise go on sale?
A: See last week’s Blog Bag.

Q: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
A: Shave my head. Oh, wait …

Q: What’s the status on Brandon McRae?
A: I keep getting this question, and I’m sorry I don’t have an answer yet. I pinkie swear I’ll find out first thing next week.

Q: How’s Robert Elliott’s rehab going?
A: See above answer.

Q: With the commitment of Billy Hamilton, could this be a trend of multisport athletes at MSU?
A: I wasn’t able to get ahold of John Cohen, so I’ll have to let all baseball questions carry over to next week. But at this level, you won’t see this happen often.

Q: Josh Boyd will help, but might we see an offensive lineman converted to give us more size/depth in the middle of the defensive line?
A: Coach Dan Mullen said he hasn’t spent any time worrying about positions and such. But I don’t think the offensive line can afford to give up anyone.

Q: When does spring practice begin for the football team?
A: March 23 or 24.

Q: Is Rockey Felker on the new coaching staff or not? Does he have some other role in the athletic department?
A: Mullen hasn’t yet established specific roles for everyone, but Felker’s on the staff, and he was introduced with the rest of them at halftime of a basketball game a few days ago.

Q: What does a typical recruiting weekend consist of, and how does Dan Mullen differ from Sylvester Croom in that aspect, if any?
A: Can’t tell you how they differentiate, but basically, they tour the campus and facilities, go to a basketball game – where they are paraded in front of the fans, as they were today – meet with academic people and president Mark Keenum. And eat. A lot. Two weeks ago, recruits were shown something on the big video board that got them fired up.


5 Responses to “Blog Bag Answers … Finally”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Isn’t McCrea done any way, thought he transfered from Moorehead State?
    Thought his eligibility was up. If not, it would be huge to have him back next yr

  2. thespear Says:

    nope, he has one more year! I have not seen him lately, but he was still gettin around on crutches a few weeks ago….. From what I remember his injury is pretty severe, i hope he can rehab it back to full strength

  3. imabulldog Says:

    thanks Spear

  4. 662nate Says:

    I have a friend that deals with the football players a good bit, and he has told me that Chaney, and McCrea will be back and Brandon is supposed to be ready to play by the Spring game. At least thats what he has told people. Far as i have heard his injury is healing quite nice.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    SWEET! McCrae will be a huge asset for our young receivers coming in

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