Hoops: Ole Miss 67, MSU 63


For the first time in 11 years, Ole Miss won at Humphrey Coliseum. The Rebels overcome an early 25-12 deficit and held on for their second straight win against a division leader (they beat Kentucky on Tuesday). Terrico White scored 18 for Ole Miss (12-9, 3-4 SEC); Ravern Johnson led State (14-7, 4-2) with 20, but 15 of those came before halftime.

Two key players were missing for MSU: Elgin Bailey and Brian Johnson, both of whom were suspended for the game for missing curfew. When asked if the suspension would be longer than one game, coach Rick Stansbury said, “I’ll make the decision.” He didn’t say when he’d make it.

The absence of those two crippled MSU’s inside game. Center Jarvis Varnado, who played 33 minutes, scored just 8 points on 2-of-5 shooting. He was spent after chasing his man around; Ole Miss did a good job screening and moving the ball. “I thought Jarvis really got worn out,” Stansbury said.

MSU shot 31.5 percent from the field, including 29.0 percent (9-31) from 3-point range. Ole Miss hit 41.4 percent of its shots, 36.0 from downtown. Four players scored in double figures for Ole Miss.

Some quotes now, starting with Stansbury:

• On losing the rebounding battle, 42-33: “They won the war of us playing small and them playing big. Phil Turner didn’t have one of his better days.”

• On shot selection: “I really think that once Ole Miss got the lead, I thought we pressed a little bit. I thought we tensed up and tried to get it back too quick, too soon.”

• On PG Dee Bost (13 points): “You want him attacking that zone, sometimes he’ll make some, sometimes he won’t. We probably wish he’d attacked it more than he did.”

Ravern Johnson:

• On his second-half struggles: “They play zone the first half, I knock down a lot of shots. Second half, they stretch the  zone our more toward me, they’re not doubling down, they’re not helping off.”


• On his game: “They packed the zone in, focusing on me. I’ve just got to find other ways to score, get it off the glass.”

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy:

• On guard play: “We were hopeful we could get the lead and make them play from behind. They’ve got young guards as well. Dee Bost, it’s his first time through this league. We wanted to make them make some decisions with the ball.”

• Overcoming the early deficit: “We’ve been in big holes before, unfortunately, we’re pretty experienced about falling behind early. I’m glad to see we’re learning some lessons from that.”

• On Rebels’ inside game: “We have got to be the aggressor, we’ve got to grind them out, and today was an example of that.”


9 Responses to “Hoops: Ole Miss 67, MSU 63”

  1. bleedmaroon Says:

    This is a bad loss at home. this will hurt come march. But this is where we expected this team to be, right?

  2. imabulldog Says:

    We lost this game for 3 reasons. (1) Rick, you are my boy, but MY GOSH!!!!!! When are you going to learn how to put away a BIG lead! That’s always been my ONLY problem with you. (2) Every time the ball hit the floor or got loose, OUR guys stood around with their fingers in their butts. While Ole Miss scored on some of the most pitiful possessions I have ever seen in my life, but hey, I’d take them if it led to a win. And a very, very noticeable (3) Barry Stewart is NOT a starter. He is a 6th maybe 7th man at best. He makes terrible decisions (3 air balls at critical moments today), and if he did not play decent D, he might not even see the court. Thats my thoughts, and just a reminder to JB-you still got one left against us…

  3. imabulldog Says:

    We SUCKED today…period

  4. JB Says:


  5. maxdawg Says:

    Do we ever follow up our shots to try to get a rebound? That’s fine IF you don’t miss.

  6. s084swd Says:

    Not having Brian Johnson and/or Elgin Bailey hurt us today and maybe is why we lost the game. I hope they’re able to get it together soon and get back in the game. This is the season and we need all hands on deck. Hopefully things will go better against Kentucky. It’s almost February and every game is becoming more important.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    That’s right max, the shooters the first one to know if the ball came off his hands right.
    When that tall center got that ugly 3 to fall my first reaction was- oh crap…here it comes

  8. thespear Says:

    Wow, today the atmosphere was explosive, even a lil chippy at times. Great crowd, great first 10 min of play….. After that, it got ugly!

  9. omahadog Says:

    Elgin Bailey and Brian Johnson are feeling pretty down today……or at least they should be. They let the entire team and Bulldog nation down with a very selfish act. There isn’t any doubt that Stansbury would have gone to a bigger lineup if he would have had those two available. Stansbury has to see that Stewart and Turner cannot be on the court at the same time. You are sacrificing rebounding, toughness, and consistent offense when they are both on the court. They are interchangeable, and should be rotated out for each other. It’s apparent that neither of them can shoot consistently. Stewart has had some of the ugliest missed shots, I’ve ever seen. If Stans continues to go with this gimmick lineup of 4 guards, he’s a bigger fool than he’s looked so far by using it. I’ve always been in his corner, but can’t say I am on this one. Go with Osby and let him learn. At least that experience will carry over to next year.

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