Barry Stewart, Meet Jodie Meeks


So Kentucky’s got this player named Jodie Meeks. Apparently he’s pretty good. He’s 6-foot-4, 208 pounds, and he leads the SEC with 25.5 points per game (fourth in the country). He’s also second in the league – behind MSU’s Ravern Johnson – in 3-point shooting, at 44.4 percent. And he dropped 54 freakin’ points on Tennessee earlier this season.

So who gets to guard Mr. Meeks for the Bulldogs when they visit Rupp Arena on Tuesday night? That’ll be junior Barry Stewart. “It wasn’t like he won a lottery getting that assignment,” MSU coach Rick Stansbury said today. No, but Stansbury feels Stew is his best man for the job.

I asked Stewart if he takes a special approach to this matchup. Other than a heightened sense of what Meeks is capable of, no. “Same way you prepare every game. The only thing different about him is he can score and he looks to score. He’s got the ability to, and his team looks for him on every possession.” That’s a big difference.

“I would say he’s the best two guard in America right now,” said Stansbury.

Meeks has scored 20 or more points in nine straight games. Obviously, it won’t be all left up to Stewart to slow the man down.

“It’s going to take a team effort to guard a great player like that,” Phil Turner said. “We have full faith in Stew, and Jarvis (Varnado) against (Patrick) Patterson. We’re going to make some other guys beat us.”

Ah yes, another matchup to watch: Varnado and Patterson down low. But, more on that, and on the Stewart-Meeks showdown, in tomorrow’s Journal. Now, for some other highlights from today’s media gathering.


• On defensive approach to the SEC’s best-shooting team: “We’re going to try to limit those guys on first-shot opportunities the best we can, and see if those other guys hope they don’t have careers or shoot it the best they shoot it, and see if we can rebound it.”

• On Elgin Bailey and Brian Johnson returning from one-game suspensions: “They served their punishment, we’ll move on with it.It’s just unfortunate a lot of people had to suffer because of decisions they made.”


• On Ole Miss loss: “Sometimes you need to get knocked in the head by yourself or by other teams to realize you’ve got to stay focused.”

• On relying heavily on the 3-pointer late in the Ole Miss loss: “I don’t believe we relied too heavily on the 3-point shot, I believe it was our defense that lost that game, not our offense.”


• On his declining block totals: “The other big man that Phil is guarding, he just came down low and draws my man out. They’re doing a lot of ball screening with my man to try to get me away from the basket.”

• On playing against Patterson: “I try to go through them. That’s one thing you’ve got to do against a good shot blocker is just through them, and hopefully you get the foul.”


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  1. carwwest Says:

    stewart is just bad…

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