Hoops: MSU 66, Kentucky 57


For the first time ever, MSU has beaten Kentucky three straight times. And it was the first win for the Bulldogs in Lexington since 1995. Sophomore Phil Turner had 18 points and eight rebounds, Ravern Johnson added 17 points, Barry Stewart 13, and Dee Bost 10. Jarvis Varnado had 12 rebounds and seven blocks – coming in, the nation’s top shot blocker had only 11 swats in his previous five games.

I’ve got to get to bed to catch a plane in the AM, so I’m just going to throw some quotes at you. First, MSU coach Rick Stansbury:

• On bouncing back from Ole Miss loss: “We came in here probably limping a little bit. We just got hit in the mouth our last game. For our kids to find a way to respond in this environment, this tough crowd, against a very good team, was impressive for us.”

• On UK’s Jodie Meeks (15 points): “He was basically no factor in that game, and I mean by factor, a guy that can really take over that game. Same way with (Patrick) Patterson.” Patterson also had 15.

• On not having Varnado for much of the first half (foul trouble): “We played the last seven minutes without him, guys came off the bench and gave us some good minutes. We were able to not just stay even but lengthen that score to 13 points. That was huge for us. That was huge for the psyche going into halftime.”

• On the hugeness of the win: “Every program’s gauged by Kentucky. We may lose the next 30 to them, that’s how good Kentucky is.”

Players, starting with Varnado:

• “I was real frustrated the first half. I just calmed down and let the game come to me. The guards did an excellent job of shooting, so I just rebounded and blocked shots.”

Now Johnson:

• On UK’s 10-0 run in the second half: “We were prepared for that. We had that mindset that we’re not leaving here without a win.”

Now Turner:

• On guarding bigger players: “I love the competition. I love the challenge. Of course you know they’re going to see how small I am and come directly at me, but I love that challenge anyway.”

Good night.


5 Responses to “Hoops: MSU 66, Kentucky 57”

  1. buzzardroostus Says:

    Big Win. OK.

    Now let’s talk about signing day.

    I’m so pumped about tomorrow. Looks like we are gonna sign Ricco Sanders from South Carolina. He wasn’t even considering us a week ago. He was looking at Clemson, Florida, South Carolina, Florida State, and Auburn.

    We’re sitting at 27 commitments right now if everything holds and might make the top 20 in recruiting class rating.

  2. mathistondawg Says:

    This roller coaster is going to kill me.

  3. benzadawgfan Says:

    If we are gonna win the west, and have a shot at the sec tourney/ncaa we need a big to step up and give us good minutes on the floor with JV and scoring. We can beat anybody if we can shoot 45 or 50 pct from 3, but that is too much to ask consistently. Big win, good to see us hold off that run and close strong! Tomorrow is like Christmas! GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!

  4. darkcooger Says:

    Good win and the guys played well, but the lack of offensive rebounding still bothers me! I know that we can’t expect as many offensive boards with our style of outside play, but I do think our guys should at least be going after the ball. I see this shoot-turn-defend thing way too often, and too few people going for the rebound.

    It’s good to be a strong transition team, but I don’t think it’s worth the price of having almost no offensive rebounds. Second-chance points can completely change the game.

  5. leeearl Says:

    darkcoog, I totally agree with the o-rebounding comment, I saw many chances we could’ve at least tried for the rebound….Oh well, this just makes me more sick to my stomach that we dropped that stupid lose to Ole Miss….
    This is a great win for us though, on the road at Rupp…we win at

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