Coaching Assignments


Dan Mullen has announced the roles for each of his coaches, so here they are:

On field:
Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks: Les Koenning
Passing game coordinator/receivers: Mark Hudspeth
Running game coordinator/offensive line: John Hevesy
Running backs: Greg Knox
Defensive coordinator/linebackers: Carl Torbush
Defensive line: David Turner
Cornerbacks/nickelbacks: Melvin Smith
Safeties/recruiting coordinator: Tony Hughes
Tight ends: Scott Sallach

Director of recruiting operations: Reed Stringer
Director of player personnel/high school relations: Rockey Felker
Coordinator of football operations: Jody Wright


14 Responses to “Coaching Assignments”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    Stringer, Director of recruiting operations! Wow, thats a pretty big title for a 29 year old. Not saying he can’t do it, but I am glad he’s not in charge of our special teams.

    The rest of these assignments look solid.

    Go State!

  2. jbuzz74 Says:

    Maroon1white, Here is the list of this years recruits of which Reed Stringer was the main contact.

    Jonathan Banks 3*
    Leon Berry 3*
    Josh Boyd 4*
    Sean Brauchle 3*
    Billy Hamilton 2*
    Heath Hutchins 3*
    Maurice Langston 4*
    Johnathon McKenzie 2*
    Tyler Russell 4*
    William Shumpert 3*
    Deontae Skinner 3*
    Chris Smith 3*-4*
    Dennis Thames 3*-4*

    Thats 13 of our 27 recruits. I would say that he has a pretty good idea of what he is doing. Yeah he may be young but dont forget that the Boston Red Sox won a world series with a 28 year old General Manager.

  3. jbuzz74 Says:

    But I totally agree that I am glad he is not the special teams coach any more.

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    Sorry, left off Knox. He’s on there now.

  5. jbuzz74 Says:

    Hey Brad, what about special teams?

  6. Braves Dawg Says:

    That’s Mullen’s area I thought buzz.

  7. jrc211 Says:

    Yep, Mullen is going to follow Meyer’s lead and take care of Special Teams. At least that is what he said earlier.

  8. jbuzz74 Says:

    Good deal, that makes me fell better

  9. imabulldog Says:

    I was shocked too that Stringer is still on the staff. I can tell you that I have a lot of personal experience with the guy-and he’s very likeable, got a mild, but good energy about him.

    Glad he’s not doing Special Teams anymore, but that was Croom’s fault for placing him in a position that he wasn’t cut out for, and as we know anyway-CC didn’t focus enough on that area of the game.

    Stringer will make a great O-Line/ TE coach one day.

  10. Brad Locke Says:

    Yeah, Mullen has said he’ll handle special teams. He’ll have a hand in the offense, too, of course.

    I’ll have a story on the djournal Web site in a few minutes. Mostly just background stuff, but puts it all in context of the situation, I think. Will also have a story for tomorrow’s paper, hopefully with quotes.

  11. carwwest Says:

    i actually met theo epstein from the red sox a few years ago…my aunt (msu alum) is the cheif architect doing the renovations on fenway park…he was very cool and smart guy…we just talked about mississippi state basketball in the big dance for about 15 mintues….

    anyways, stringer has potential to be good at this position judging from what he has done in the recruiting field so far….i am also glad he is not doing special teams anymore….but i will say this in his defense, i briefly coached special teams at the high school level and it really is hard to make anything look good if your kicker and punter arent very good….carlson and mcadams were terrible….the two juco guys should really help out alot…

  12. buzzardroostus Says:

    Yep, having good kickers changes everything. Though I don’t think we had anyone on the staff the past 5 years that knew anything about kicking either. Our coverage was normally decent on kickoffs and punt returns. And we didn’t do so bad on returning kickoffs and punts. But blocking for place kicks and punts was horrible. Not to mention the horrible execution of kicks when it wasn’t blocked. Special teams was fantastic when Sherrill was coach and he took that responsibility as well. I’m sure Mullen knows what he’s doing. I didn’t know that our old recruiting coordinator was no longer in that position. But there’s no doubt in my mind Reed Stringer will do an even better job in that position.

  13. thespear Says:

    stringer will make an excellent recruiting director!

  14. StateDOG Says:

    Is Stringer okay with this development?

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