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Yes, yes, I have promised you an update on the progress of running back Robert Elliott (knee) and receiver Brandon McRae (broken leg). I have tried, unsuccessfully, the last two days to speak with a trainer about the situation. However, coach Dan Mullen addressed Elliott’s situation when asked by a fan during Wednesday’s Signing Day pep rally. Mullen said Elliott is training hard, makes every workout, and is making good progress. He’s not yet able to do as much as his healthier teammates, so he’s spending more time on the bike.

More details as I get them, I swear. Now to this week’s questions, and thanks to AD Greg Byrne for again providing some answers.

Q: Regarding the long-term master plan, are there any specific plans for the new basketball coliseum?
A: Byrne says there are no plans for a new coliseum right now.

Q: What is the earliest date any of the high school recruits can start practicing with the team?
A: Early enrollees can start in the spring, everyone else must wait until August drills. There are summer workouts, of course.

Q: With the changes to dates, times, and list of events for Super Bulldog weekend, has there been an itinerary of the weekends festivities created?
A: Hog roast Friday night, baseball at 1 p.m. Saturday, spring game at 5 p.m.

Q: When will package tickets to Super Bulldog Weekend be available?
A: No packages for sale. You can buy baseball tickets online, and there is no admission for the spring game.

Q: Is Coach Mullen planning on paying a visit to Birmingham to speak to the alumni here? If so, when?
A: Spring engagements are being worked on right now and should be announced in the coming weeks.

Q: Dan Mullen has mentioned that he thinks Matt Balis is the best strength coach in the nation. Do you see some of these “WR/athletes” being converted to LB (or other positions) with a year or two in the weight room?
A: Mullen said Wednesday that some of the receivers or safeties could be moved to cornerback. As for linebacker, most of those kids aren’t very tall, so I don’t know about that. Safety Dennis Thames played linebacker in high school, so there’s a possibility.

Q: In church work you plan to build when you’re at 80 percent capacity. How do current/projected ticket sales relate to seating capacity at The Hump and other on-campus venues?
A: Says Byrne, “The demand on the ticket is critical. You don’t want to overbuild where there isn’t the pressure to buy season tickets. Until we’re at capacity for a long period of time to where we’re not only selling our tickets but we have a very high percentage of usage each game, we would not consider expanding. And if we did expand, the price of construction has escalated so dramatically, in order to do it you’d have to add high-end seating.”

Q: Will the new uniforms be “unveiled” at the Spring Game?
A: Byrne: “We’ve decided that we will have uniforms next year.” Hey, the man’s got a sense of humor. He said there is not a set date yet. I told him about the rendering of the new uniform that’s popped up on the Six Pack board; he was not aware of it, but I’m sure he is now.


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