Hoops: MSU 86, Arkansas 77


Records were falling like crazy tonight. MSU set a team record with 16 made 3-pointers – on 29 attempts – and freshman point guard Dee Bost set a personal mark with 25 points and six 3-pointers. He also had seven assists and no turnovers. Barry Stewart scored 22, Phil Turner 16 and Jarvis Varnado 10 for State (16-7, 6-2 SEC). Arkansas (13-8, 1-7) got 19 from freshman point guard Courtney Fortson. The 28 combined 3-pointers set a record for a game involving State.

Up next for MSU is a big game with Western Division leader LSU at 7 p.m. Wednesday at The Hump. Come early, come all.

Now, some quotes from the postgame, starting with MSU coach Rick Stansbury:

• On the 15-point halftime deficit: “Our players deserve a lot of credit coming out of that locker room. You could very easily, against an SEC team, fold it up, go home and get beat. That’s what happens most nights against an SEC team down 15.”

• Again on the halftime hole: “Fifteen points nowadays doesn’t mean a lot, especially when you can make 3-point shots.”

• On Arkansas’ first-half shooting (62.1%): “We really felt like they couldn’t keep up that pace the first half, that’s what you’re hoping.”

Reserve Riley Benock, whose 3-pointer put MSU up at 69-66:

• “We go small, we’ve got to shoot the ball well. That’s our advantage. We kind of died by it a little bit early in the game, then we got it going. Once one person hit, then somebody else, it got rolling for us.”


• “In practice, we come in every day trying to get better. That’s the difference from now to a couple of games ago. Everybody’s really understanding how to win now and that we can win. We’re not going to use young as an excuse. We’re young, but we can play.”

Arkansas coach John Pelphrey:

• “I thought we played very well the first half, were able to do some good things. Second half we were not, and they were simply spectacular shooting the basketball.”

• On Bost: “He’s as good as any guard in the league, forget the fact that he’s a freshman.”


12 Responses to “Hoops: MSU 86, Arkansas 77”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Nice props from Coach Pel,

    Anyway great win, how many blocks did Swat have, thought they said 7 on tv, but it was so sloppy at times-I couldn’t tell.

    And by the way, as I have mentioned before-I don’t pay for the recruiting sites, but I had a friend come up this weekend who has access, and from watching the highlight films, I can tell you that two of the most talented kids we got are Heavens and the South Carolina kid. Both are explosive, can cut on a dime, and can outrun others even when the defenders have the perfect angles. VERY impressed

  2. darkcooger Says:

    More bad offensive rebounding and sloppy passing. I’m very impressed that our guys kept their heads and were able to pull off a great win, though. You’d never guess that they were so young if you just looked at their composure. The future of MSU basketball looks secure!

  3. judwe Says:

    If we get 6′ 11″ Renardo Sidney we will be high HIGH major contenders next year. Pair him with Varnado and you will have the one of the best offensive post players (yes as a freshman) with THE BEST interior defensive players. Then you will have a choice of rotating De, Ravern, Randy (Stewart), Turner, Shaun Smith (09′) and Beckham.

    That is just Deadly.

    Brad you need to get on the trail of Sidney for us. He’s one of the best if not the best recruits in the 09′ class and he is very high on us.

  4. buzzardroostus Says:

    What a streaky team we have this year. It’s so beautiful when we’re hot, and just as ugly when we’re cold. Sure is pretty when we’re hot though. Man, if we just had someone like a Charles Rhodes to go to down low when we’re cold and rebound, we’d be unstoppable.

  5. buzzardroostus Says:

    Maybe Brian Johnson needs to get a little more play time, especially when we’re cold. He made some crucial big shots in the 2nd half that kept our team going when we started getting cold from long range. If Varnado is not in foul trouble Stansbury probably doesn’t put him in.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    I have been noticing the past few games, that BJ has like ADHD on when we are on D. If someone dribbles past him or around him-he’s gonna chase and leave his man. Did it 3 times today, cost us 2-3 pointers by Washington and the other was a missed wide open shot

  7. sfwmdawg Says:

    i thing instead of having BJ cominmg in for Swat, Maybe let him come in on the weak side and go get boards. We still EB who can spell one and KA for the other. Its not the best right now, But with that many bif bodies, it could really cause some major problems with teams who do not have our speed.We can go small and play a speed game, Then put in some big bodies and start banging. Would like one time for RS to put the big guys in and let them bang the boards for awhile

  8. ericintupelo Says:

    I def think we need to get Sidney for next year. Bailey and BJ both shoot everytime they touch the ball and I thought they both have shown improvement this year but they’re still weak. Johnson is money as a big man from the free throw line which is def a plus tho. Three point shooting and defense will be key Wednesday against LSU. Big win there could give us enough momentum for the rest of the SEC schedule to do some damage and improve our RPI. I do think Osby will be a serious weapon the older he gets just like Rhodes did. Bost continues to impress and I wish Ravern was more consistent in the scoring column. Overall I’m proud of the dogs for pulling out a tough come from behind win against the Hogs.

  9. benzadawgfan Says:

    Ima, If I’m coaching, and Washington is wanting to shoot a 3, I tell my big to box out and get the rebound! I give that shot up every time. Get in his face at 15 or 16 feet. The addition of a big who could score 8 to 10 a game would be huge for this team. Just that threat would have JV scoring 6 or 8 more a game. We could be a little more selective with our 3 balls (when we aren’t hitting everything) and be a dominant team. Great to see the heart today, awesome win. As a long term plan, hitting 16 of 29 3’s will not happen, and lose us some games we should win. We need a big to step up. If they do, or if we can hit 60pct from 3 for the rest of the year, this team can go deep!

  10. gulfwaterdawg Says:

    Man are we going to be tough next year. As far Sidney Rivals has him at medium interest witht the other four schools inthe running, and Scouts has him at low to no interest in State. With or without them if this group of kids learn to gel together and decrease the number of turnovers and sloppy play we are going to be hard to beat.

  11. carwwest Says:

    it was a good win…it was real key that our young team responded the way they did…bost is going to be VERY good for us for a while!!

  12. leeearl Says:

    Let’s see:

    played 38 minutes, 7 assists, 25 pts (9-14 fg, 6-8 3-pt), 3 rebounds, and
    ZERO turnovers!!!!

    You look at those stats and show me how many freshman can perform like this…Wow!!

    Great job, Dee!!

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