Elliott, McRae ‘Doing Very Well’


Finally – and I thank you all for your patience – I have an update on injured Bulldogs Robert Elliott and Brandon McRae. To review: Elliott, a tailback, tore two ligaments in his knee five games into last season, his redshirt freshman year. McRae, who will be a senior receiver, broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg during the Egg Bowl. Head athletic trainer Paul Mock said that “both of them are doing very well” in their rehab work.

The big question is: Will they be available for Dan Mullen‘s first spring practice, which begins March 24? Elliott will not, and McRae … maybe. “Not really decided yet,” Mock said.

Neither player is able to run yet, at least not outside of a pool. But they’re lifting and pedaling the stationary bike. It looks like both will be at full strength come the 2009 opener against Jackson State (Sept. 5). But there’s another side to these players’ recoveries.

“I think the mental aspect can be as much (a concern) as the physical aspect,” said Mock. It could’ve actually been worse for McRae, who suffered the break while running a pass route (he wasn’t hit). Mock said 25-30 percent of such injuries also take out the knee.

So there you go. We should know a little more by March 24.


20 Responses to “Elliott, McRae ‘Doing Very Well’”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Elliot is going to fit this system so well, man oh man, can you see him in one on one situations, catching and running-WOW

  2. buzzardroostus Says:

    I agree ima. Croom tried to do some of those type things with Elliot, but Mullen will know exactly what to do with him.

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    I sure hope they will be ready to go. We need them.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    It’s gonna be good to have McCrae back, he’ll be able to not only be a good mentor, but he’s a good player as well. As Dawg X was mentioning to me the other day, B Mac will become our go to receiver in sideline routes and fades in the endzone-due to his height

  5. carwwest Says:

    im glad they are doing well….

    in mcrae’s case, i know when i had pretty much the same injury, one of the hardest things when i started running was it being uncomfortable….i was assured many times that everything was fine and it was but the mental aspect of it was just hard to get over at first expecially when i started playing contact sports again….after a while, everything was back to normal but the worst thing they can do is pressure him to do stuff too early….they did that to me and i ended up tearing a lot of scar tissue that kept me out of 8 games because it kept happening because of the first time….it took me a good 6 to 7 months to get close to 100% again….but we really need his leadership and skills on the field next year…he was pretty much our only explosive player last year….

    elliott does fit the new system perfectly if he can make it back in time for this year….if he and mcrae get close to 100% then just think about elliott, mcrae, perkins, bumphis, dixon, robinson, conner, etc….potential for a very explosive offense….

  6. sfwmdawg Says:

    Can you imagine him running down for a pass being thrown up, and having alittle 4.3 reciever underneath to just drive d’s bonkers. I really like our chances. Nothing against JSU, but I would like to see Mullen “uncrank” the offense and see if we can put 50 to 60.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    Its time to start pounding the teams we are supposed to

  8. maroon1white Says:

    I read on Scout that every monday night up until the spring game Mullen is having what he calls “Dog Races”. Every player on the team is learning to run faster, and they’re having races to create friendly competition among the players. I also heard KJ Wright said Balis is a maniac (in a good way) and is relentless with the players as far as strength training.

    JSU better get their mind right, these Dogs are not going to be anything like the Dogs of the past. I can’t wait!

    Go State!

  9. imabulldog Says:

    Dang Right!!!

  10. db33 Says:

    Read elsewhere that Maurice Langston has been the top skill guy speed wise so far, and rumor had it that Tobias Smith, injured ankle and all, was dominating the linemen. If so, that’s great news for our OL.

  11. godawgs09 Says:

    i’ve bought the sky dogs season tickets the last couple of years and was thinking about upgrading. while i was at school at state i always sat in the student section. what do ya’ll think is the best buy for the price?

  12. carwwest Says:

    glad to hear smith looks promising…really glad to hear it actually….is langston still projected to play CB for us??…BL, i know you covered elliot and mcrae but have you heard anything about wilder??….i heard rumors that he might not even be playing football next year so he can focus on track….any truth to this, anybody??

  13. 83dog Says:

    godawgs I’m a skydawg also and was also considering an upgrade. The problem is points and not knowing where I’ll really end up fro the more $$$. With the new ginormatron, the skydawg section i was end was pretty good, though the walk up and down has gotten old.

  14. maroon1white Says:

    godawgs09 & 83dog, I don’t know what the cost is to be a skydawg but here’s what I pay. My bro-in-law and I get 4 tickets in section B row 34 at $100 for donation and $200 for the tickets(prices as of 2008). BTW, this is per person. We are going to upgrade this year (maybe). I did notice the prices for donation went up for ’09, not to mention we have 7 home games so the ticket prices will increase for the extra game. We’re thinking about moving to section C which will run $440 total per person. Also I noticed they have moved some of the seating around. Instead of the visiting fans sitting in section H they’ll be sitting in section A. Its a great move b/c it lets our fans enjoy the video board instead of the visitors. anyway, I’m rambling, hope this helps.

  15. mullendawg Says:

    I never new that McRae broke both leg bones without being hit. How can you do this without there being some underlying medical problem such as brittle bones? You would think that a joint would give way before two bones would break.

  16. Brad Locke Says:

    Glad you asked, mullendawg. Said head athletic trainer Paul Mock: “It’s the force traveling up from the ground, just finds the weakest spot. Could’ve been his knee.” He made a really hard cut. Weird, yes, but not unprecedented.

  17. imabulldog Says:

    Mock has that sweet- Bozo haircut 🙂

  18. Brad Locke Says:

    And he tells great stories during football practice.

  19. imabulldog Says:

    Pauls a cool guy

  20. imabulldog Says:

    Does he still wear that gatorade hat at practice BL?

    For years, I wanted to walk over and give him one of my extras during practice

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