Hoops & More Hoops


Let’s start with my opinion offering in today’s Journal, where I examine the far-reaching consequences of Mississippi State’s game against LSU on Wednesday. I make the argument that a loss could burst NCAA tournament hopes, unless the Bulldogs were to win out. I don’t see that happening, because the coming stretch will be the toughest stretch of the season for State. I’ve heard people say 12-4 is the threshold for earning a bid (State’s 6-2 now), and a deep SEC Tournament run wouldn’t hurt. What MSU must do is bump up that RPI (currently 79 according to RealTimeRPI.com) a few notches.

A win for the Bulldogs puts them back atop the SEC West, which they’ve won the past two seasons. LSU, at 7-1, is a more experienced squad, as it showed in an 81-57 win over MSU a few weeks ago. More on that experience gap in tomorrow’s Journal.

“We’re no longer just playing games,” guard Barry Stewart said. “That’s the difference here – you’re competing for championships every time you step on the floor. We know they’re No. 1 in the whole SEC, so this is a big game for us, and for them, too.”

Here’s a story from the The Advocate (Baton Rouge) about LSU’s Tasmin Mitchell having to guard MSU’s Ravern Johnson.

On the women’s side, I have a feature in today’s Journal about the trio of players that came to Starkville from the Congo, via Southeastern Illinois Junior College: Rima Kalonda, Armelie Lumanu and Chanel Mokango. The latter two are starters and are big reasons the Lady Bulldogs are 18-6 overall and 5-4 in the SEC heading into Thursday’s game at Ole Miss.


5 Responses to “Hoops & More Hoops”

  1. db33 Says:

    Correction Brad, OM beat AUB by 19. Who just beat OM is Vandy, who we have already spanked.

    Now AUB did just beat TN, maybe that’s what you were meaning to say.

    Also, I disagree with you a bit that the LSU game is such an end all. I realize the SEC’s RPI is down, but that’s not the only deciding factor. No SEC team with a 10-6 record has ever been left out. A 4-4 finish would take us to 10-6.

    What’s huge about the game tomorrow night is that it will matter later in case there is a tie for the SEC West title. A LSU win and we have to finish 1 game ahead of the Tigers.

    I don’t see the West Champs getting left out of the big dance unless they only have 8 or 9 wins.

  2. dawgface52 Says:

    A 12-4 SEC record should do it. But getting that, won’t be easy.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    I think it’s big because I only see LSU possibly losing one or two more games in the regular season. So for us to have any shot at taking the lead and holding on to it, we need this one.

    Remaining schedule: LSU=w, Auby= 2 W’s (as usual), Bama=W, UT and UF (not scared), USC (worried about), @ UM (revenge)

    That’s the way I feel about what’s left

  4. imabulldog Says:

    take one back- we don’t match up great with physical teams, and to think that UT is gonna be trying to revive their season, and its a home game= could spell some trouble for us. We’ll see, I’m more worried about USC, even at the Hump, more than anyone else

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    db33: Yeah, I must’ve meant Tennessee. Not sure what I was thinking on that one. Nice catch.

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