Hoops: LSU 97, MSU 94 (2OT)


Wow. Kind of hard to get my head around this one, but I’ll try. LSU (20-4, 8-1 SEC) grabbed sole possession of first place in the Western Division and the league both. MSU, though, proved it might be the second-best team. Tasmin Mitchell scored 41 points on 12-of-15 shooting, Jarvis Varnado had 31 for State (16-8, 6-3). MSU rallied from seven down twice – in the second half and in the second OT – before succumbing. The Bulldogs had chances at the end of both regulation and the first OT to win but missed easy shots (a free throw, a layup and a tip).

Oh yeah, and this game wasn’t on TV.

Some numbers to help us all appreciate what happened tonight, the first double-OT game for the Bulldogs in 11 years:

• Six players fouled out (four Tigers, two Bulldogs).

• Five players logged at least 40 minutes.

• State took 77 shots, LSU took 68.

• The teams combined for 91 free throws (68 made).

• I posted 29 Twitter updates. Pretty sure that’s a record.

Now, let’s just go to the quotes, starting with MSU coach Rick Stansbury:

• “We had opportunities to win the game. That’s all you can ask. You’ve got to shut the door on an opportunity when you have it, and we didn’t do it.”

• On Mitchell: “Killed us. Killed us. Killed us. Made huge plays consistently for them. We’re outmatched there physically a lot. He finished some plays, and it got easier for him to finish after we lost Jarvis.”

• “They do great job on the 3-point shot, we knew that. We thought their weakness was on the inside.”

• On LSU: “They’re going to win this league, win it overall. We proved that we’re right there, we can play with anybody.”

• On PG Dee Bost (20 points): “Always going to be some stretches where you do some good things, you do some bad things, but you can’t ask any more of his effort.”

LSU coach Trent Johnson:

• “That’s a basketball game, unfortunately, somebody had to lose.”

• On his bigs fouling out: “We tried to be proactive, and I knew coming into this game, our staff knew and players did, too, because they cause so many problems on the perimeter, we had to be prepared to go small.”

• On Varnado and MSU’s inside game: “We weren’t going to help in the post regardless of who it was and let their perimetr get it going.”

• “I never felt like we were in a position to put them away.”

Some MSU players, starting with Barry Stewart:

• “It’s a test of this team again. Every time we’ve had a loss we’ve come back with a win. This is probably the toughest out of all of them.”


• On his missed layup at the end of the first OT: “I guess I shot a little too hard, thinking about help side defense, trying to get it over them.”


• On Mitchell: “He’s just a smart palyer. He knows how to use his body to score. I think right now he’s probably the SEC Player of the Year.”

• On his 31 points: “If I had zero points with a win, I’d love that.”


10 Responses to “Hoops: LSU 97, MSU 94 (2OT)”

  1. thespear Says:

    Jarvis’ comment on the scoring column show his true colors. State is lucky to have a leader with this much heart. this team will do some special things before this season is over

  2. thespear Says:

    not that it matters bl but we had three dawgs foul out if my memory serves me correctly


  3. judwe Says:

    I will mention the elephant in the room.

    A very skinny elephant.

    Ravern Johnson.

    I couldn’t be at the game. I couldn’t listen to the game. But….

    30 minutes
    2-6 from the field.
    0nly 4 three point attempts (1 made)

    Is this guy a competitor? He has simply gone from the best three point shooter in the nation (literally/ percentage wise) to Luther Heggs (you Don Knotts fans know what I’m talking about) in no time flat.

    It’s nice to have 5/8 and 6/7 nights in blowouts but when the chips are down in a HUGE game like last night it would be a good idea to show up.

    Help me out people who saw this game. Was he covered and smothered and simply does not have the ability to create a shot, is it a strength issue (which I suspect)? Please tell me it’s not a matter of effort or lack thereof !

  4. blazerdawg Says:

    Made a good statement for the tournament, but we still unfortunately have a lot of work to do. We are obviously one of the top five teams or six teams in the conference, possibly No. 2, because after Kentucky beat Florida, I just not so certain if the west isn’t the better side now.

    With the quality wins that Arkansas had over Texas and others early, and how uncompetitive they have been in the conference, and how good the west has been over the east competition, how can we not get a nod from the NCAA.

    But as usual, they will stiff us, I can feel it coming.

    Great game, I about ran the gas out of the Vette listening to it on XM.

  5. dawgface52 Says:

    We have to finish 12-4 in the sec and win a game or 2 in the tourney to have any chance. Going to very tough to do. But not impossible.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    I have no doubts that we can go undefeated the rest of the reg. season, it’s just will we bring it-night in and night out

  7. darkcooger Says:

    Yeah, I feel like our guys can win out the season, but that loss still really stings. However, I really love Jarvis’s attitude as reflected in that quote. Also, I’m still proud of our Dawgs for hanging in through the whole game, even with field goal shooting as bad as it was. They never gave up, and I’m glad to see they’re willing to fight to the death.

    Go Dawgs!

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    You’re right, spear, 3 Bulldogs fouled out. I misread the box score in my haste.

  9. s084swd Says:

    That’s about as good of a basketball game as there ever was. It really stinks to lose this one, but this is one of those games it seems there just shouldn’t be a loser and in a way maybe there isn’t. I wish we hadn’t have lost Varnado due to fouls. He may have won it for us. There’s so much that happened in this game I can’t begin to cover it all. I listened to all of it on the radio and was on the edge of my seat for most of it. I was about to go crazy in overtime. We did a good job of containing everyone but Tasmin Mitchell. We just couldn’t slow him down. He’s really good. We also have to give LSU credit. They’re really good. After we broke a school record for three pointers in our comeback win against Arkansas this past weekend, LSU obviously came in very focused on not allowing our guards to get going and hit threes. That’s what they did. I think that may be part of the reason why Ravern hasn’t done much the last couple of games. The word has gotten out on him and he’s having a much more difficult time getting open. He also may be in a slump though. It was some ballgame. However, we must put it behind us and realize it is just one game. We’ve got to bounce back and be ready this Saturday. Every game is important. Lets keep our cool.

  10. 662nate Says:


    i second your emotion. Last night was a game hard to describe. I have to say that this game and the one against Florida a couple years ago rank way up there. But about your question about Ravern. I wondered about him the whole last part of the second half and all of overtime. Didnt see him until the last play of the game. He was on the bench. Maybe BL could find out why, but i noticed that when he was in there, they were harassing him non stop on offense. He just wasnt able to get good looks. I think another reason he sat, was also due to the fact Benock played like a man last night. I have had some questions about Riley’s defense this season, never his shooting ability. Well he impressed me last night with his heart and desire. Needless to say Benock and Johnson were sub partners…so when Riley fouled out, in came Ravern, but i wonder if Ravern could made a difference down the stretch. Guess we’ll never know. A little over 9,000 were in attendance and man it was loud.

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