Blog Bag Answers: Short & Sweet


It seems y’all used up all your questions the two previous weeks. That’s OK, as the fourth one required a doozy of an answer (thanks, spear). And please, feel free to offer your thoughts on that question. Y’all probably know more about some of these young redshirts and sophomores than I do. Anyway, here we go.

Q: What’s the latest on Kodi Augustus?
A: Augustus is simply a role player right now, and his role is to give starters a short break. He’s played in two of the last four games and has seen action in three SEC games (14 minutes total).

Q: With the change to adidas, will MSU’s baseball uniforms change? If so, can you get a visual?
A: Supposedly, there will be a new look for this season, but adidas won’t be outfitting the Bulldog baseball team until next season. I saw where SixPack had a rendering of the 2009 unis, but I don’t know how accurate it is.

Q: What will be done to improve the offensive line next year?
A: I address that some below. There is plenty of depth, but the problem will be finding an adequate starting five, which the Ole Miss game, more than any other game, showed was a tough task last year.

Q: I realize it might be tough to do given the new system and all, but you give us your projected starters and/or players to watch?
A: I won’t do all positions specifically, but I’ll try to give you an idea on, for example, the offensive line. Here we go.
QB – Starter: Tyson Lee, Sr. Player to Watch: Tyler Russell, Fr. Lee’s experience and smarts give him an advantage, and with a new system being put in – one that I think will better utilize Lee’s skills than the West Coast did – it’d be good for Russell to sit back and watch. But with almost no depth at the position, he’d better be ready to step in.
RB – Starter: Anthony Dixon, Sr. Players to Watch: Robert Elliott, So.; Montrell Conner, Fr. If coach Dan Mullen can put enough speed around him, Dixon could thrive in his power back role. No more dancing, though.
FB – Starter: Arnil Stallworth, Sr. Player to Watch: William Shumpert, Fr. Stallworth, who’s swift for a fullback, proved a valuable asset in the passing game last season.
TE – Starter: Marcus Green, So. Player to Watch: Nelson Hurst. Green is the perfect tight end for the spread, because he’s both big and fast. Now, if he can just stay healthy.
WR – Starters: Leon Berry, Jr.; Brandon McRae, Sr.; Delmon Robinson, So. Player to Watch: Chad Bumphis, Fr. Berry is an instant-impact kind of guy.  I see McRae, who was slow to begin with and now is recovering from a broken leg, as a possession receiver, a third-down option. Bumphis could eventually be the Percy Harvin of this offense.
OL – Tough to say, but experience returns in J.C. Brignone, Craig Jenkins, Mark Melichar, Quentin Saulsberry and Derek Sherrod. But I’m sure Mullen will have an open competition, so guys like Phillip Freeman, Templeton Hardy and Chris Spencer will get a shot. This unit will be the biggest concern this year.
DL – Juco transfer Pernell McPhee gives MSU an immediate pass-rushing threat, something that didn’t exist last year. I’m curious to see how Sean Ferguson, a sophomore, will develop at end. Inside, Kyle Love and LaMarcus Williams are serviceable.
LB  – Starters: Juco transfer Chris White was pegged by Sylvester Croom as the man in the middle, which means moving Jamar Chaney back outside, which was his original position. That should hold, and you’ve got to like having K.J. Wright on the other side. Strength of the defense right there.
CB – Starters: Good question. Juco transfer Maurice Langston, perhaps? Damein Anderson and Marcus Washington have experience, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Arceto Clark was returned to defense.
SafetiesZach Smith brings experience and grittiness, and Charles Mitchell showed great promise as a freshman.
It’s all about the new guys. Juco transfers Sean Brauchle (kicker) and Heath Hutchins (punter) ought to win those jobs.


8 Responses to “Blog Bag Answers: Short & Sweet”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    We’ll see how Tyson runs the offense April 18th. I don’t think he’ll have a problem with it unless we have to run more than one option play. Or has to hit a wide open WR on a deep route, lol!

  2. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Ugh. That hurt. Still sucks to think about how many missed opportunities we had this year in the passing game.

    BTW, Brad, since when is Tyler a Jr.? 8)

  3. JB Says:

    I did see Ole Miss mentioned here once, thanks.

  4. cndobbs Says:

    Thanks for the good work Brad. I think Tyson will be the starting quarterback going into the fall, however, I think that Tyler just has so much talent that he will be playing a good amount this fall as well.

  5. sfwmdawg Says:

    Has anyone seen a roster for 2009 with the new signees and positions. The list you have here BL is pretty good, But is there a more complete list yet that list everyone?

  6. thespear Says:

    thanks bl and great explanations

  7. carwwest Says:

    good stuff BL but you cant leave tobias smith out of the OL conversation…

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Heck, if we can win ugly with Lee, thats fine. Whatever it takes for Tyler to be able to have time and learn the Offense.

    But, he’s one kid I’m willing to see baptized by fire- if we have to do it. I just can’t wait to see Russell on the field for us. Never thought we’d have a ‘Golden-Child’ at State, but hey, no complaints! 🙂

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