Fortson Suspended; Looking Ahead


As I’m sure you’ve heard, Arkansas freshman point guard Courtney Fortson has been suspended indefinitely by coach John Pelphrey for disciplinary reasons. The Razorbacks’ season is already in the tank, and losing another player sure won’t help. Marcus Monk‘s eligibility is under review, which means he can’t play; Jason Henry is still bothered by a knee; and Patrick Beverley was dismissed a few weeks ago.

There is some good news to come out of this: It clears the way for Mississippi State’s Dee Bost in the SEC Freshman of the Year race. He’ll still have Ole Miss’ Terrico White to contend with, perhaps, but I’d consider Fortson out of the picture.

Speaking of the Bulldogs, I had a bonus opinion offering in today’s Journal. In it, I predict great things in MSU’s future. As for this season, up next is a trip to Auburn on Saturday (4 p.m.).

On the women’s side, the Lady Bulldogs (19-6, 6-4 SEC) rolled over Ole Miss, 66-50, last night in Oxford. Despite a tough shooting night, Alexis Rack led MSU with 21 points.


12 Responses to “Fortson Suspended; Looking Ahead”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    THUG….Good Article (Big things next yr)…Go Lady Dawgs!

  2. darkcooger Says:

    Good article, Brad.

    Don’t know why I always like to see bad new for Arkansas, but I always do. As long as it’s not an injury, I love when bad things happen to them. I don’t really have a problem with Pelphrey, though, which puts him on a very short list of people affiliated with Arkansas that I don’t dislike.

    On a side note, is the Daily Journal site slow for everyone, or should I chalk this up to another case of the crappy proxy we use here at work? It took a solid 3 minutes for the article to load. Seemed to hang up on the Barkley ad and some poll. Noticed that the poll is hosted off-site, so I guess that could be part of the problem. In any case, I suspect it’s the proxy I’m stuck behind, but just wondered if anyone else had problems with it.

  3. dannyripms Says:

    Hey brad you should talk dj to put all high school scores on the website. Just something simple so we can see who won or loss.

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    The problem’s probably on your end, cooger. We’re on the verge of putting up a new and improved site, which I hope will be able to accommodate scores and such. It will also mean a different blog format (no wordpress). Will keep y’all updated.

  5. darkcooger Says:

    Yeah, I figured. The proxy they put us through here is awful sometimes. Thanks, Brad. Looking forward to the new djournal site, too! Always nice to see a refresh.

  6. oldsmobill2 Says:

    I don’t disagree with your prediction for the future subject to one caveat, all those players must return next year. In the last few years this has not been the case. We should not be a young team this year, we should have the Delk twins and Hansborough. Plus, I’m sure there are others that have left whose name I cannot recall. So, lets not be too complimentary of our youth and their potential when some obvious problems in the probram caused us to be in this position. If we had all those players back, I don’t think we would have been picked 4th in the league.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    oh well…the Delks have proven they can’t play ball anywhere else, and Hansborough is a spoiled brat…so I’ll take what we got, and to be honest-I haven’t even thought of missed them one bit.

    And don’t really think we’d be much better with them. Still be a small, 3 point shooting team with one big man. And I’d take all our guys shootin the 3 over any of those 3

  8. darkcooger Says:

    Yeah, ol’ Reginald Delk is really tearing it up in Louisville, isn’t he? I mean, he’s averaging a whopping 1.6 points per game, is shooting 22% from behind the arc, and has an amazing 14 rebounds. I don’t miss him.

    Yeah, Richard Delk is doing a little better at Troy with 13.9 points per game and a 34% 3-point average, but I really don’t think we’re hurting without him.

    I understand that they both had attitude problems, anyway, and I’m glad they’re gone if that’s the case. I also have to wonder what Hansbrough’s problem was. He claimed it was the lack of a practice facility, which was stupid, but Stansbury told us at the start of this season that wasn’t the real issue. At any rate, he wasn’t particularly productive. He was an average player, at best, and I don’t think his loss has set us back, either.

    Yeah, we shouldn’t be as young as we are, but in many ways, we may actually be stronger and better because of it.

  9. imabulldog Says:

    It benefits us more with them being gone anyway, otherwise next yr would be our young guys initiation and learning yr.

    With things the way they are, they’ll have more chemistry and one more yr of experience to combine with Swat’s senior yr.

    I really like this team the way it is, just wish Kodi was in a little better standing with Stanz- so he could be a more frequent contributer

  10. midnightdawg Says:

    I like this team as is, but I’m not so quick to “dog” the departed. Don’t know the inside scoop on why they left. I do think that BHans could’ve provided vet leadership and maturity ON the floor, something that we have lacked in a few games, Georgia comes to mind.

    IMA makes a good point, though, these kids are learning on the court a year early. I, too, wish Kodi was taking advantage of this opportunity. I believe that he’s the missing link to a special ’09. He’s putting himself behind players that he’s probably more talented than not just this year, but in the future. They’re getting better with experience, and he’s just an observer.

  11. blazerdawg Says:

    Just a point on Arkansas, heard last night in Memphis that Marcus Monk has played his last basketball game for the Hogs.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Good, not like there was a future there anyway 🙂

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