Blog Bag: Late Edition


Hey, it’s still officially Monday. So drop your questions in. Like, now. I’m fixin’ to go to bed.


10 Responses to “Blog Bag: Late Edition”

  1. olemsufan Says:

    whats the chance of a National championship this coming season?
    is our talent level on campus twice that of Florida?
    can Coach juggle 3 apples while standing on one foot & blowing his whistle?
    Is marijuana allowed in the lockeroom if not inhaled?
    How many 20oz beers fit in that ice tub?

    go DOGS!

  2. Braves Dawg Says:

    105 16oz servings, or 84 imperial (20oz) pints give or take a half pint.

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    olemsu: Zero, no, yes, no, and Braves has you on the last one.

  4. dadwithpride Says:

    seems the prognosticators don’t share our joy for Cohen. Question: How long should it take for a new coach and his new attitude/techniques, etc to show a improvement since he is basically working with same talent who were already playing for an intelligent coach. how quick does a new attitude/zeal/discilipine show up?

  5. imabulldog Says:

    Dad, i think we’ll see some of that on the fball field this yr

  6. imabulldog Says:

    This is a true question BL, not sarcasm…

    Why does Swat have so much trouble blocking shots and lay ups from smaller players?
    -He is usually blocking shots from guys that are 6-9, 6-10. Not to mention the fact that their release point is very high.
    -So why in the world do I usually not see him contest soft shots by shorter players when they drive.
    -And for the record, you can tell its not situations where he is trying to avoid body contact, or avoid a foul, he is just missing the block. It literally makes no sense to me…and quite frustrating to me as well. He could easily have 4-5 more blocks a game, if he better contested these shots.

  7. dadwithpride Says:

    hey Ima, in its my opinion, its almost if a given if a smaller player , on the drive, sees Swat starting to contest, he is gonna jump into him and 90% of the time get the foul. Just like when a taller person reaches over the back and “steals” a rebound from a shorter player, he is gonna get the “on the back” foul, regardless of how clean it was.similarly, Swat can get a fair amount of body contact on a block of a 6’9″ shooter, and it won’t get called near as quick. Kinda like the “Glavine Strike Zone”

  8. cbizzle08 Says:

    Hey Brad, where are they planning on building the new basketball practice facility?

  9. danisthemanmullen Says:

    Brad, what is the latest on Antwon Dixon, Anthony’s little brother. I know he played 2 years at hinds cc, but he didn’t sign with us. Was it because he didn’t have the grades or other reasons?

  10. dustydawg Says:

    Is John Paul Alford (OL) out of football?

    Can you give some more details on the depth of the Offensive Line? From last years roster I count 6 players with at least 10 games played. 15-17 linemen overall (4 SR, 4 JR. 5 SO, 2 RFr, and the 2 signees), is this correct?

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