Blog Bag: Small but Diverse


Only six questions this week, but we managed to cover something about all three major sports. So that’s good. Anyway, here we go.

Q: How long should it take for a new coach and his new attitude, techniques, etc., to show a improvement since he is basically working with same talent who were already playing for an intelligent coach. How quick does a new attitude/zeal/discipline show up?
A: Good question. First, on baseball coach John Cohen: If you read my overview or some of the player quotes on this blog, you noticed that there has already been a change. Communication is better, chemistry is better, and all the players seem to have bought into Cohen’s style of play. Now, as for how quickly that will translate into wins is another question. Put it this way: I don’t think my June vacation plans are in any great danger. But, MSU ought to have enough talent to be consistently competitive.

As for football coach Dan Mullen: Obviously there’s a ton of excitement, but it’s too soon to gauge how the players will react to Mullen’s style. I don’t mean the offense – I’m sure they’ll love that – but the offseason and spring work. It’s going to be very, very tough, Mullen has said. If the Bulldogs can come out of that better and stronger, then as with the baseball team, expectations should be tempered, but prepare for some pleasant surprises.

Q: Why does Jarvis Varnado have so much trouble blocking shots and layups from smaller players?
A: I thought dadwithpride provided a well-reasoned answer, and there’s not much I can add to that. Perhaps on a psychological level, other big men might let their pride keep them from playing Varnado as smartly as smaller players would. And there are so many altered shots that don’t show up in the stat book.

Q: Where are they planning on building the new basketball practice facility?
A: I’ll directly quote Gregg Ellis: “In the front of the building, like you were going to the soccer field. Right where the big tree is.”

Q: What is the latest on Antwon Dixon, Anthony Dixon’s little brother. I know he played two years at Hinds CC, but he didn’t sign with us. Was it because he didn’t have the grades or other reasons?
A: Steve Robertson of told me that Dixon, a safety who originally signed with MSU in 2007 but didn’t qualify academically, is trying to finish up some hours at Hinds and will then head to Shaw University, a CIAA school in North Carolina. I haven’t been able to confirm if he’s actually signed yet with Shaw.

Q: Is offensive lineman John Paul Alford out of football?
A: I don’t know why he would be. He was redshirted last year.

Q: Can you give some more details on the depth of the offensive line? From last year’s roster I count six players with at least 10 games played, 15-17 linemen overall (4 seniors, 4 juniors, 5 sophomores, 2 redshirt freshmen, and the 2 signees). Is this correct?
A: With Michael Gates and Anthony Strauder gone, your numbers for the coming year agree with mine. Two of the 16 returning linemen were redshirted, and there were two signees. As for last season, nine different linemen drew at least one start, and 10 linemen saw some sort of playing time.


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