MSU at Alabama: Official Game Thread


We’re minutes from tipoff of Round 2 between the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide. State took the first one on Jan. 14 in Starkville, 83-75. While MSU is still scrapping for an NCAA tournament berth, Alabama is trying to snap a five-game losing skid. So anyway, here are the basics:

TV: None.
XM: Channel 199.
Series: Alabama leads 110-71.
Last meeting: MSU, 83-75 on Jan. 14 in Starkville.
Coaches: MSU – Rick Stansbury (225-124, 11th year); Alabama – Phillip Pearson (1-5, first year).
Notes: MSU has won five straight in the series. … Over his last five games, MSU’s Phil Turner (6-foot-3) is averaging 10.6 rebounds per game. … State F Brian Johnson missed the last game with an illness. … MSU has lost two straight against Western Division opponents. … Alabama and MSU are both shooting exactly 44.0 percent from the field.

Probable starters
Mississippi State (17-9, 7-4 SEC)

C – Jarvis Varnado    6-9    Jr.    13.2 ppg
G – Phil Turner    6-3    So.    8.5 ppg
G – Dee Bost    6-2    Fr.    11.1 ppg
G – Barry Stewart    6-3    Jr.    11.3 ppg
G – Ravern Johnson    6-7    So.    12.4 ppg
Top reserves: F Brian Johnson, G Riley Benock, F Romero Osby.

Alabama (13-12, 3-8 SEC)
F – JaMychal Green    6-9    Fr.    10.1 ppg
F – Justin Knox    6-9    So.    5.8 ppg
G – Alonzo Gee    6-6    Sr.    14.2 ppg
G – Senario Hillman    6-1    So.    13.2 ppg
G – Mikhail Torrance    6-5    Jr.    9.0 ppg
Top reserves: G Andrew Steele, F Yamene Coleman, G Anthony Brock.


43 Responses to “MSU at Alabama: Official Game Thread”

  1. thespear Says:

    tell me JV is ok??

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    He’s back in, looks OK. Tied at 10-10 at 14:54/1st half.

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    Varnado just got a fast-break dunk attempt stuffed by Alonzo Gee, but MSU leads 23-21 at 6:13/1st half. Four Bulldogs have 5 or more points.

  4. shuffle02 Says:

    “Beckman”??? I love when Jack renames players

  5. leeearl Says:

    C’mon Dogs let’s make some baskets and play to our potential!
    JV, wake up buddy and play some ball!

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    Brian Johnson, who’s apparently feeling much better, made a tough running jumper at the buzzer to give State a 30-29 halftime lead.

  7. leeearl Says:

    Good stuff, tks for the update…we need to start making some shots next half…

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    Halftime stats, after we’ve watched Peter Rabbit and his mad bucket drumming skills (yeah, same dude that was in Starkville on Wednesday):
    Turner 7 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists
    Varnado 6 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks
    Ravern Johnson 5 points, 3 turnovers
    Stewart 5 points

    Alonzo Gee 13 points, 5 rebounds
    Demetrius Jemison 7 points, 7 rebounds

    MSU is shooting 26.5 percent from the floor, including 23.5 from 3-point range. But that’s OK, because Bama is hitting just 27.6 and 33.3, respectively. Kind of a yucky game so far.

  9. darkcooger Says:

    Seriously, those stats suck hardcore. At least we aren’t being terribly out-rebounded, and hey, we’re even leading in offensive boards! Scary thought, the last time we did that, we lost to Auburn. Yikes!

    C’mon Dawgs, get it together!

  10. Brad Locke Says:

    Hitting a couple of 3-balls, and Varnado has a couple of dunks. State has hit 6 of its first 9 shots, in fact, and leads 47-40 at 14:37/2nd half.

  11. leeearl Says:

    Nice, let’s keep it up!

  12. Brad Locke Says:

    A 10-3 run for Bama has cut State’s lead to 52-50 at 9:27/2nd half, and Rick Stansbury calls timeout.

  13. leeearl Says:

    C’mon let’s regroup…Go Dogs!

  14. Brad Locke Says:

    Bama up 56-54 with 6:54 to go.

  15. thespear Says:


  16. Brad Locke Says:

    With 1:07 left, Bama has the ball and a 64-62 lead. Bost just blew a layup.

  17. thespear Says:

    big three BARRY

  18. jmbulldog Says:

    Clutch FTs for a freshman. I love that Bost doesn’t play like a freshman.

  19. thespear Says:

    we need a big stop here game tied up at 67 i think :17 left

  20. Brad Locke Says:

    Bost’s two FTs ties it at 67-67, and Bama has the ball out of the timeout with 17.5 seconds left.

  21. thespear Says:

    wow SWAT saved this game

  22. jmbulldog Says:

    OT baby!

  23. darkcooger Says:

    Man, if Jarvis can get 3 more blocks in OT, he’ll have earned another triple-double. That’d be sweet.

    More importantly, I hope the Dawgs can actually start making some shots in OT!

  24. thespear Says:

    JV is a great ft shooter for a big man, even in pressure moments

  25. Brad Locke Says:

    Well, there goes Varnado. Only second time all year he’s fouled out. The other: That double-OT loss to LSU. Bama at the line, leads 73-71 at 2:17/OT.

  26. thespear Says:

    barry comin up huge

  27. Brad Locke Says:

    Stewart had two tough shots in the lane that wouldn’t go, so to another OT we go, tied 74-74.

  28. jmbulldog Says:

    Double OT!

  29. thespear Says:

    Somebody get Jim a green pen!!!

  30. darkcooger Says:

    Argh! Not another double OT! What’s with the crappy shooting by our Dawgs lately, anyway? They went from hot to not in a hurry.

  31. thespear Says:

    barry is playing his tail off, lets get a lead

  32. bulldognark82 Says:

    can someone stop gee?

  33. thespear Says:

    gotta get a stop

  34. thespear Says:

    wow Gee jus choked, lets take advantage

  35. Brad Locke Says:

    Two big misses by Gee, who has 10 points this OT period. State has the ball, down 86-85 with :33 left.

  36. Brad Locke Says:

    That’s it. Barry Stewart does not like to pass with under :10 left, apparently. So long, NCAA hopes.

  37. Brad Locke Says:

    Final, by the way: Alabama 87, MSU 85.

  38. farley662 Says:

    I’m assuming Stewart was playing by himself in the OT?

  39. darkcooger Says:

    I cannot believe we just lost to Alabama. WTF.

  40. ukrainedog Says:

    Crap! At least I only stayed up till 12:30 at night this time!

  41. bulldognark82 Says:

    man this is disappointing!! we have not shot the ball well since the AR game!!!

  42. jmbulldog Says:

    Calling all haters….We can still make the tourney. It’s called winning the SEC tourney. If UGA can do it last year, we definitely can do it!

  43. darkcooger Says:

    jm: Calling all realists, you mean. There’s no hate here. We all love our Dawgs, but we realize that this year they’re going to come up short. No hate, just realism.

    Next season should be better, and that’s a very encouraging thought, considering they haven’t been *bad* this year.

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