Blog Bag: Bring It, Brother!


I’m feeling kind of Chuck Norris this week, so please, send me your best questions. Any weak ones will get a roundhouse kick to the face, brother! Yeah, I’m feeling a little Hulk Hogan, too. I obviously need to cut back to one cup of coffee per day. Brother!


4 Responses to “Blog Bag: Bring It, Brother!”

  1. jmbulldog Says:

    Any word on when merchandise with the new logo will be available? Also, will we will wearing the new helmets/jersey for the spring game?

  2. dadwithpride Says:

    Basketball Season thus far: exceeded expectations or Major letdown?
    And to improve , what do we need to recruit?

  3. danisthemanmullen Says:

    There have been a few football players from around the country who have come out and said that they will be transferring and I was just wondering if you knew if any of them were considering coming to play for us?

  4. godawgs09 Says:

    considering that we are a little thin with the big men, does stans plan on signing any with this recuiting class or in the near future?

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