Checking In On Scotty Hopson


You all remember a kid named Scotty Hopson, don’t you? Sorry if it dregs up bad memories, but as Mississippi State is visiting Tennessee this week, it seems appropriate to address the 6-foot-7 freshman. In fact, tomorrow’s column is about Hopson.

Quick review for the uninformed (if there are any): Hopson committed to MSU in 2006 but switched to Tennessee last year. He’s starting for the Volunteers and averaging 9.1 points per game. State coach Rick Stansbury said he can’t give an “honest evaluation” of Hopson’s play this year based on what little tape he’s seen on him, but UT assistant Jason Shay – filling in for Bruce Pearl on today’s SEC teleconference – said Hopson is coming along fine.

“I think Scotty has improved a long ways, playing in big games, and his consistency over the last few ballgames has been great,” Shay said. “To go into a tough environment in Rupp (Arena) in his home state and play well for us there despite struggles early in the ballgame, I think he made some plays to get us going, and we were able to cut into the lead at Kentucky.”

Hopson led Tennessee with 14 points in Saturday’s 77-58 loss at UK.

Stansbury said he hasn’t thought about the what-if concerning Hopson. He’d have been a great addition to lineup, no doubt, but as Stansbury said, “If I entertained the what-ifs in everything that transpires in a basketball program, you know what I would be, don’t you? We’ve got a lot of what-ifs all the time, but the sooner you can put what-if behind you, the better off you are in this profession.”

As for Hopson, he said last week that he is lovin’ it in Knoxville.


One Response to “Checking In On Scotty Hopson”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Hope he’s lovin losin too, because if it were not for ESPN’s love affair with UT at the beginning of the year…we wouldn’t be hearing anything outta Knoxville

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