Opinion Offering: Hopson Revisited


Well, it’s not so much an opinion offering as a revisiting of the Scotty Hopson saga. The Tennessee freshman spurned Mississippi State after committing to coach Rick Stansbury in 2006. Does Stansbury, who first met Hopson about four years ago, harbor any ill feelings toward him?

“That’s just part of recruiting. Most guys you recruit you’ve known that long,” Stansbury said. “Just recruiting, that’s part of it. Forget it and move on.”

MSU center Jarvis Varnado, a junior, knows Hopson from AAU ball. Both played for the Mid-State Ballerz, a team in Tennessee (Varnado is from Brownsville, while Hopson is from Hopkinsville, Kent., just a few miles from the Kentucky-Tennessee line). Varnado said he spoke with Hopson after the latter switched to UT. What’d he tell him? “All I told him was, ‘Good luck.’ I wasn’t mad about it because he’s got to make his own decision, what’s best for him and his family. He made the right decision, and I wish him the best.”

MSU plays at Tennessee on Wednesday. Hopson has started in 22 of the Volunteers’ 26 games and is averaging 9.1 ppg. He had a team-high 14 points in Saturday’s 77-58 loss to Kentucky.


4 Responses to “Opinion Offering: Hopson Revisited”

  1. leeearl Says:

    JV is a good guy…Scotty, I hope he has a triple-double of ‘0’s against us…Go Dogs!!!

  2. imabulldog Says:

    BTW, pretty much all of UT’s guys-look real dumb in their headbands

  3. msudawginbama Says:

    ima, that chism idiot drives me crazy the way he wears his sweatband on top of his head. it serves no purpose….
    thats all.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    looks like its gonna squeeze off and shoot straight up to the ceiling.

    And he has the UGLIEST game, he throws up junk from downtown, and after about 3 offensive rebounds-eventually get a put back

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