Jim Phelan: SEC Not So Weak


Oops, let me pick up that name I just dropped. OK, anyway, I just got off the phone with Jim Phelan, the guy who won 830 games in a 49-year coaching career, all at Mount St. Mary’s. We’re close personal friends. Well, not really, but I was speaking with him for a story I’m working on for later in the week. The conversation drifted toward the SEC, a conference Phelan tracks closely. He follows all conferences closely, actually.

The SEC has been derided by pundits this season as weak, and it ranks sixth among conferences in RPI, according to RealTimeRPI.com. For what it’s worth, Phelan is calling BS on that notion. “I don’t think it’s as weak as people think, especially if you have to play at their place,” he said. He’s particularly impressed with Kentucky’s Jodie Meeks and Western Division leader LSU. He watched both Meeks’ 54-point outburst a few weeks ago and LSU’s 81-75 win over Florida last night. Of the No. 18-ranked Tigers, he said, “They make every shot they look at. They’re not, but it seems like it.”

More from Phelan when the aforementioned story runs.


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