MSU at Tennessee: Unofficial Game Thread


I might not be in Knoxville, but I figured y’all would want a place to discuss the game as it happened. So here it is, and here are the basics:

TV: Raycom.
XM: Channel 199. Live video streaming at
Series: Tennessee leads 73-38.
Last year: Tennessee, 76-71 in Starkville.
Coaches: MSU – Rick Stansbury (225-125, 11th year); Tennessee – Bruce Pearl (410-118, 17th year; 93-34, fourth year at Tennessee).
Notes: MSU is 4-0 against Eastern Division opponents this year. … State C Jarvis Varnado has 358 career blocks, two shy of tying Auburn’s Kyle Davis for second-most in SEC history. … UT’s J.P. Prince leads the SEC with a 2.8 assist/turnover ratio in league games. MSU’s Dee Bost is third (1.8).

Probable starters
Mississippi State (17-10, 7-5 SEC)

C – Jarvis Varnado    6-9    Jr.    13.3 ppg
G – Phil Turner    6-3    So.    8.6 ppg
G – Dee Bost    6-2    Fr.    11.3 ppg
G – Barry Stewart    6-3    Jr.    11.6
G – Ravern Johnson    6-7    So.    12.4 ppg
Top reserves: F Elgin Bailey, G Riley Benock, G Twany Beckham.

Tennessee (16-10, 7-5 SEC)
F – Tyler Smith    6-7    Jr.    17.2 ppg
C – Wayne Chism    6-9    Jr.    13.1 ppg
G – Josh Tabb    6-4    Jr.    3.2 ppg
G – J.P. Prince    6-7    Jr.    9.7 ppg
G – Scotty Hopson    6-7    Fr.    9.1 ppg
Top reserves: G Bobby Maze, F Brian Williams, G/F Cameron Tatum


122 Responses to “MSU at Tennessee: Unofficial Game Thread”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Last yr, Riley freaked out with the game in the line…pretty much sums it up.

    I swear USC doesn’t know how to waste clock, HURRY up!

  2. imabulldog Says:

    Billy Gillespie just called a T.O. what an IDIOT they are down 20!

  3. dawgfan01 Says:

    I have comcast everything, I can’t find the game. For some reason comcast does not support espn360 either. I thought raycom was channel 13 in tupelo but I guess they don’t cover all Raycom games

  4. imabulldog Says:

    ok start. we have to chill out with the lack of ball control

  5. dadwithpride Says:

    looks like we are satisfied to throw up 3’s

  6. imabulldog Says:

    Dawgfan, check your digital channels as well-if you have em

  7. thespear Says:

    dawgfan, fs south is carrying raycom tonight in starkville on metrocast, usually the same as comcast

  8. dadwithpride Says:

    shooting from outside is horrible, 4 of 11

  9. dawgfan01 Says:

    thanks I’ll check

  10. dadwithpride Says:

    UT letting us hang in

  11. dadwithpride Says:

    pretty ugly both sides

  12. imabulldog Says:

    3 on BJ. one was bull

  13. leeearl Says:

    Okey BJ, have a seat….

  14. leeearl Says:

    Somebody needs to make a shot…

  15. leeearl Says:


  16. leeearl Says:

    Over the back…

  17. dadwithpride Says:

    first dawg not covered throws it up

  18. imabulldog Says:

    Can’t blame, but we gotta wait til we get some guys under the basket. There aren’t gonna out jump anybody, but maybe it’ll come right at them off the rim

  19. rebel2011 Says:

    anyone know what channel the game might be on in oxford? Its not on the channel the Kentucky game was on earlier and is not on FS South

  20. Braves Dawg Says:

    Weeeeeeeee Grizzlies!


  21. imabulldog Says:

    good run!

  22. leeearl Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about……EB!

  23. leeearl Says:

    Another over the back…

  24. dadwithpride Says:

    pitiful shot

  25. dadwithpride Says:

    go ravern

  26. dadwithpride Says:

    swat carrying us

  27. dadwithpride Says:

    surely that wasnt a trevel

  28. leeearl Says:

    Way to let them back in the game….geez we suck

  29. leeearl Says:

    C’mon Bulldogs!!!

  30. imabulldog Says:

    This team sure knows how to blow a lead, and blow it quick! Get TIRED of this crap.

    And Varnado is letting everyone and their mama bring it down low

  31. leeearl Says:

    Exactly, ima…gets old…

  32. leeearl Says:

    Our 2nd team comes in and gets a good lead…then our starters blow it..

  33. leeearl Says:

    Gimma a break….

  34. leeearl Says:

    Go Phil, take it over Preacher Man!

  35. leeearl Says:

    Beckham, if you’re gonna take it to the rim, take it hard…

  36. imabulldog Says:

    Stanz is like CHILL every time we get the ball by him

    Turner huge

    Twanee sucks

  37. leeearl Says:

    Inside to JV!!!

  38. leeearl Says:

    Playin’ the Vols game now, transition game, we lose if we continue this…

  39. leeearl Says:

    Can a brotha get a 3?!!!

  40. imabulldog Says:

    to many easy, easy, baskets down low for UT. And it not all JV’s fault, he’s playing hard, but we have to stop the cuts

  41. imabulldog Says:

    Refs are kissin butt to UT

  42. imabulldog Says:

    Dee has gotta settle down and lead this team if we have ANY chance. Sloppy play from here on out-is in UT’s favor.

    Settle down!

  43. leeearl Says:

    Agree ima…Dee looks flustered….let’s settle down the 2nd half and get some inside game, those 1st quick 0-5 3-pt shots didn’t help either or sloppy turnovers…

  44. imabulldog Says:

    Twanee couldn’t guard a water cooler. I hope he finds a school to transfer too. That may be a little rude, but he’s the only guy that comes in the game, and I just wait for the mistakes to unfold due to him

  45. imabulldog Says:

    Let’s get em Dawgs!

  46. leeearl Says:

    yeah, I’m biting my nails when he comes in….Gary Ervin-like…

  47. leeearl Says:

    Let’s get that 8-pt lead back, c’mon Dogs!!!

  48. leeearl Says:

    Way to help JV out after Barry’s air ball….

  49. leeearl Says:

    Let’s Go Dogs, wake up!!!

  50. leeearl Says:

    Finally, they call a foul inside on the rebound!

  51. leeearl Says:

    Way to get in there Ravern!

  52. leeearl Says:

    Scotty having the game of his life of course, tks to BL’s props 🙂

  53. leeearl Says:

    2 threes for Chism, one more for him, as I predicted and TN will win…

  54. darkcooger Says:

    I get so tired of hearing these retarded commentators talking about Dee “Boast.”

  55. leeearl Says:

    My God, c’mon!!!

  56. leeearl Says:

    We look like dog poop…

  57. leeearl Says:

    I should turn it off, if we’re not going to try to win…

  58. imabulldog Says:

    Do or Die, we are fixin to get killed if we don’t respond!

  59. leeearl Says:


  60. leeearl Says:

    Finally, calling some fouls…

  61. leeearl Says:

    Let’s go State!!! Let’s go State!!!

  62. leeearl Says:

    Wow, that’s pathetic…another easy offensive rebound and layup

  63. imabulldog Says:

    WHY in the world is JV following that FAT williams guy outside!?!?!?

    It just opens uo the inside for easy buckets.

  64. leeearl Says:

    I’m liking the game plan, if we can’t shoot from the field, shoot from the line….

  65. leeearl Says:

    If they get another offensive rebound and layup, I’ll be popping a beer open…

  66. leeearl Says:

    That fat guy….hehe….really, what the hell can he do?

  67. shoalsdog Says:

    Need some help here dawg fans, while you guys are watching the game. Take a moment to go Vote for my little girl if you don’t mind. You can vote every 12 Hours. Tell a friend! Click on the Link below to vote for her, and enter the code. Thanks Guys!
    Her name is : Kaysley

  68. leeearl Says:

    Wow! Great run, we tied it up!!!

  69. leeearl Says:

    just kidding, I wish 🙂

    Okay, shoals she got my vote!

  70. leeearl Says:

    Bost looking like Jamont

  71. bigdraws Says:

    Bost is a turnover machine tonight.

  72. leeearl Says:

    Fat guy is pushing JV all over the place…

  73. imabulldog Says:

    Bost=Irvin tonight!

    And Ray needs to take the game over, because no one else looks like they want it

  74. leeearl Says:

    Maybe Ravern will keep us in the game…

  75. leeearl Says:

    Once again, if you’re gonna take the ball to the rim, take it in hard, geez…

  76. bigdraws Says:

    Looks like the only hope is some 3’s going down unless we can get some of their bigs in foul trouble quick.

  77. leeearl Says:

    Shoals, got your daughter another vote…

  78. leeearl Says:

    Wow, we can still win this game though, c’mon Dogs!!!!!!

  79. bigdraws Says:

    I’m not usually one to blame the refs but damn…….

  80. imabulldog Says:

    What the heck is Dee doing!?!? and BJ has hands like Terrell Grindle

  81. bigdraws Says:

    She’s got my vote too, brother.

  82. leeearl Says:

    shoals, I opened up Firefox, Konqueror, Safari, and IE….got her 4 votes…

  83. leeearl Says:

    C’mon State, make a run!

  84. shoalsdog Says:

    Thanks leeearl ! Hey men tell your wives to log on and vote for her( my daughter Kaysley ) My wife said to tell you that .

  85. leeearl Says:

    Take your time, get a good shot!

  86. mathistondawg Says:

    I can’t take it anymore.

  87. leeearl Says:


  88. leeearl Says:

    Why is JV out on the perimeter!?

  89. bigdraws Says:

    Stew sho has been shootin a bunch of airballs lately. Shoals, I got 2 girls of my own. I’m sure my wife will help.

  90. leeearl Says:

    Keep the 3’s coming!!!

  91. leeearl Says:

    How many layups will we give?

  92. leeearl Says:

    I remember when my daughter was that age, I just took her to get her braces put on yesterday…

  93. leeearl Says:

    beer has been popped…

  94. imabulldog Says:

    We need to go zone

  95. darkcooger Says:

    Are you serious? He’s gets freakin’ pushed out of bounds and no foul? Are the refs on crack?

  96. leeearl Says:

    Can we make one good run, please?!

  97. imabulldog Says:

    Dee is killin it from down town

  98. leeearl Says:

    Our zone defense is killing us….we’re leaving driving lanes the size of a Mack truck…

  99. bigdraws Says:

    These refs are terrible. I’m not saying they’re biased. They suck all around.

  100. imabulldog Says:

    leearl. you might want to watch it tonight 🙂

  101. imabulldog Says:


  102. bigdraws Says:

    As lousy as we’ve played at times we’re still in the game.

  103. leeearl Says:

    C’mon JV, get tough!!!

  104. imabulldog Says:

    osby just got murdered

  105. leeearl Says:

    You’re f’n kiddin’ me…

  106. leeearl Says:

    whoops…sorry ….You’re kiddin’ me…

  107. imabulldog Says:

    We are playing like BULLCRAP!

  108. leeearl Says:

    let’s make a run here!!!

  109. imabulldog Says:

    and why are we not guarding their point guard on pass ins? UT has had about 5 bad passes tonight, on in bounds

  110. leeearl Says:

    Okay, later guys, have a great night, I’m getting way too mad…take it easy!

  111. imabulldog Says:

    same here- see my blog tomorrow for a pretty CRITICAL post

  112. bigdraws Says:

    Here’s hoping Cohen can make something out of that baseball team. All we got to look forward too I think. Gonna take Mullen awhile to clean up Crooms mess.

  113. judwe Says:

    Our boys are not being COACHED. It couldn’t be any more obvious. Rick Stansbury against RPI top 50 teams is something like 11 wins, 45 losses.

    He simply recruits athletic players overwhelms less athletic low RPI teams to pad his overall record. And goes into games like this with a helter skelter offensive game plan. Playing for breaks. And your not going to get those vs. Top 50 RPI teams.

    It’s time for the Ninja to go to work.

  114. darkcooger Says:

    judwe: I’d hold off on asking for some Ninja action.

    Why is SEC officiating consistently terrible? Can the SEC not afford decent officials? I’m not saying officiating cost us the game, but there were a lot of terrible calls and a lot of even worse no-calls. And this is typical! What the hell, SEC? Get rid of the blind refs and get us some with eyes!

  115. judwe Says:

    No, It’s definately time for the Ninja to go to work.

    A clear pattern has been established. Rick Stansbury loses to RPI top 50 teams with ASTONISHINGLY consistent regularity.

    And as this team folds the tent we will go forward with the excuse of YOUTH… just like EVERY YEAR !

    Let me break it down…

    The number one defensive post player in the nation (Varnado)
    One of the best Point Guards in the SEC (Bost)
    One of the purest shooters ANYWHERE (R. Johnson)
    an OUTSTANDING role player (Turner)

    You give that group of talent to ANY coach worth his salt and he is going to make a run !

    Then you have all the defections, and now Kodi Augustus, who, because he isn’t automatically a COMPLETE player, he gets trapped in the doghouse. We are well past the point of desperation and Kodi doesn’t play because he doesn’t defend? That doesn’t keep Ravern Johnson from playing does it

    Rick has had years of running into the same wall, he has desperately needed a bench coach and he refuses to budge.

    Get on it Ninja !!!

  116. thespear Says:

    judwe, thats insane…..

    You better not call for some ninja action unless you wanna pay the new coaches salary by yourself. Most of the base is behind Stans

    We will be better next year(i know we always say it but its true)


  117. imabulldog Says:

    for those wanting to VENT, come on over, I let it all hang out. twss

  118. judwe Says:

    Look at Rick’s record vs RPI top 50 teams and tell me to get over it.

    Rick is a nice guy by all accounts, he has a wonderful family. Problem is, we aren’t paying him to be a nice guy.

  119. imabulldog Says:

    same with CC

  120. judwe Says:

    We will be better next year just committed to the USC Trojans.

    We will make the NCAA Tournament and exit in the first round. That is the “we’ll be better next year” payoff. You should know that by now.

  121. maxdawg Says:

    Well if Stans doesn’t step it up then Kennedy will take of that for us.

  122. judwe Says:

    Rick Stansbury appologists, Riddle me this, Kodi Augustus has to achieve perfection to keep any meager minutes he plays, why not the same standard for other players. Please don’t give me the line about lack of defense or poor practice performance. This might be the worst defensive team Rick has had (take away Varnado).

    I give you this blurb from another source:

    “(Brian) Johnson was sitting at the end of the bench when I noticed this interesting exchange in the first half. He yelled at Stansbury, saying “Kodi’s ready” and pointing to Kodi Augustus. As soon as Stansbury heard this clearly, he turned around and walked the other way. Elgin Bailey was the next big man off the bench, but Augustus saw a minute of playing time later and had zeroes across the board.”

    There is clearly something wrong with this picture. Kodi is a 20 year old college student. HE is being held to a “professional” standard, at the very least He is being held to a different standard than his team mates…

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