Blog Bag Answers: ‘Definite Maybe’


Wow, y’all used all your ammo in January and early February, I guess. Only four questions this week, but I’ve got four pretty good answers for you. Here you go.

Q: Any word on when merchandise with the new logo will be available? Also, will we will wearing the new helmets/jersey for the spring game?
A: It’s already available in some stores. As for the new unis and helmets in the spring game, AD Greg Byrne told me today, and I quote: “Definite maybe.”

Q: Basketball season thus far: exceeded expectations or major letdown? And to improve , what do we need to recruit?
A: If you go by preseason predictions, which had MSU finishing fourth in the Western Division, you’d obviously have to say the Bulldogs have exceeded expectations. And I’d agree. A freshman point guard, little (healthy) post experience besides Jarvis Varnado, no on-floor senior leadership – I think it’s amazing that MSU has been in so many of the games it’s lost, not to mention the ones it’s won. As for what needs to be recruited, see the next question.

Q: Considering that we are a little thin with the big men, does coach Rick Stansbury plan on signing any with this recruiting class or in the near future?
A: Shaunessy Smith, though not a big man, is a big signing for MSU. As for low-post guys, I have to defer to, the school’s site, which lists only one player who kind of fits in that category – Kendrick Washington, a 6-foot-6, 268-pound senior from Shreveport.

Q: There have been a few football players from around the country who have come out and said that they will be transferring, and I was just wondering if you knew if any of them were considering coming to play for us?
A: Don’t count on it. Quarterback Robert Marve (Miami) is expected to make a decision in April among Oklahoma State, South Florida, Texas Tech and UCLA. Florida’s a possibility, too, but probably as a walk-on. Patrick Witt (Nebraska), like Marve a backup QB, is not mobile and therefore not a great fit for Dan Mullen’s spread offense. I’m not sure who else of note is transferring, so please enlighten me.


5 Responses to “Blog Bag Answers: ‘Definite Maybe’”

  1. db33 Says:

    I’d look for a juco PF to come out of nowhere and be signed.

    Still, we’re looking good for next year:

    PG: Bost………..Beckham

    Have we ever played a season where the point was manned by TWO TRUE FRESHMA? Bost is only going to get better, he’s going to be an elite SEC player.

    SG: Stewart ………..Turner

    Again, great experience returning here.

    SF: Johnson……………Shaunessy Smith / Augustus

    Osby can play here too. You’d have to say Ravern Johnson has exceeded expectations in his first real year of playing. He will gain some weight, become a better defender, and a smarter scorer.

    PF: Augusts/Osby/Juco Signee?

    Biggest question mark is obviously here, but Augustus & Osby have the TALENT, and with Osby I think he has the motivation. We need Augustus to get his head on straight & keep it there. A defending, rebounding, juco PF type like Brandon Vincent would be a great move by Rick.

    C: Varnado……………..Bailey

    There’s no reason to think Jarvis will go pro. That means he’ll be breaking Shaq’s record early and finish with an almost untouchable record. Bailey is really coming on lately, he’s got the bulk to really help.

    I see Turner as the 6th man who can back up all 3 guard spots. I think Rick will not go 4-guard next year because Augustus, Osby, maybe a signee, even Bailey, can all play that spot.

    Benock, Holcombe, I can’t see much PT for them. This looks like a DEEP team.

    The whole key is PF. Augustus, Osby, a juco signee, SOMEONE must STEP UP. If so, we’re going to be a damn hard team to beat.

  2. farley662 Says:

    Cam Newton is another QB of note. He was at Florida with Mullen and was kicked off the team for stealing a laptop. It was later discovered he bought the laptop from someone. He is a good possibility from what I understand.

  3. db33 Says:

    If Cam Newton is cleared of all charges, then I can definitely see him being brought in.

    From what I understand, he is now at a Texas juco and academically in excellent standing. He will be a Dec. signee somewhere, and have 2 years to play 2.

  4. farley662 Says:

    That’s what I heard too db. Would be nice to have someone who knew the offense.

  5. calebford Says:

    We will not be a great team with Barry in the lineup. I’m hoping Smith can step up immediately and take over the 2 spot but I dont think Stansbury has the manhood to sit stewart on the bench for his senior season which will hold us back.

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