Blog Bag, & A New Web Site


Time to drop in your Blog Bag questions. Surely we can do better than four this week.

Also need to let you know about the Daily Journal’s new Web site, We’re in a transition phase right now from, so content is appearing on both sites and will continue to do so for a little while longer. The new site is still in Beta (test) mode, so you won’t get the full experience of what it will become. The Web team, led by Todd Vinyard, will incrementally add features and such to the site over the coming weeks as we phase it in, so as to ease everyone into the change. Going to be pretty cool when all is said and done.

As for this blog, it’ll be moving, too. will eventually become the host. That transition should happen by the middle of the month. I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of blogs, the new site allows you to create your own. Just create a profile and go for it. It’s a very interactive site. Any questions, you can e-mail Todd at, or ask me and I’ll pass it along. Thanks for reading, people.


28 Responses to “Blog Bag, & A New Web Site”

  1. midnightdawg Says:

    hmm… sounds expensive….

  2. Brad Locke Says:


  3. midnightdawg Says:


  4. midnightdawg Says:

    only intended as sarcasm to a potential pay, er, “join” to enjoy the info of this awesome blog

  5. 83dog Says:

    Brad, the question of the week are there currently any future games scheduled with Nickles State and if so are we going to let them know ahead of time we don’t plan on playing or will we just let them figure it out when we don’t show?

  6. dadwithpride Says:

    My question of the ruling is:If the visiting team shows up before the officials, and decide for whatever reason (@ previous a**-whuppings, Cold afternoon, several sick Key players, etc. they can leave, as long as they do it before the umps arrive. Until the umps arrive and declare “play ball”, either team can decide not to play?

  7. darkcooger Says:

    @dadwithpride: I assume that if the umpires had shown up before game time, it would have been a forfeit, but since they never showed, there was no one to start the game. I think the situation you describe would still be a forfeit if the umpires show up later and declare the game official.

    Good question, though. I’ll be interested to see what answer Brad digs up.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Why is the SEC Tourney in Tampa and why is the Site changing? Can we not have “anything” nice anymore, what the heck!?!

    There’s a particular word I use for stupid actions such as these, but it refers to a certain sexual orientation…and I don’t want the ACLU tracking me down so I won’t say it…but this is all that ‘word’

  9. 83dog Says:

    I agree with you cooger, i think if the umps had came the could have started the game then declared a foefeit when NS didn’t take the field.

  10. rebelgiant66 Says:

    You guys arent gonna ever get over this are you? I doubt NS was scared. You beat them by 2 and 3 pts. Not really an a** whuppin..

    What if you’d played the game and lost? Would you rather be 7-1… or 7-2? Would this make you happier?

    Move on and get pumped for Hawaii!! Make Miss. and the SEC proud…

    You guys have a pretty decent team and a great coach.

  11. dadwithpride Says:

    My reference to an “a**-whupping” wasnt in reference to Nicholls, but it general, such as a team that had lost by double digits the first two games, had some sick players, or facing a long drive home. It sounds like they can take off, as long as the umps havent showed up yet to declare field playable. Is this rule just baseball. I remember a basketball game many years ago when Alabama, under Wimp, wanted to cancel a game at the Hump because of snow on road, and when State prevailed, blamed it on the”hooligans” that State officials let in for free, since most ticketholders couldn’t get there. If he had knew the rule, he could have declared “roads Impassable” and stayed home.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Thanks RebGiant, we’ll try to represent!

  13. imabulldog Says:

    And for the record, we do need to drop it…I understand your arguments Dad

  14. StateDOG Says:

    It’s sad that NSU is getting out of this. The UIC himself said that he’d not cancelled the game. And the NSU coach made the call about 2 hours before first pitch. So it was lame. I understand him wanting to go home. The conditions were probably miserable. But still…he mishandled it.

    And I’m sad to see this blog move away from WordPress. I think it’s the superior choice here. Now it’ll be a move to some proprietary software. But I understand why it’s being done. Also…strange that the name of the new site for The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal…doesn’t have Daily Journal as a part of its name/title.

  15. imabulldog Says:

    Now watch someone steal our screen names

  16. rebelgiant66 Says:

    Dad, I do understand your points, though, and I agree it was mishandled by NS. Leaving that early does make it sound like they chickened out. Plus driving conditions on the roads were better later in the day than earlier.


    You about to play a team called the Hawaii “Rainbows”.
    With a name like that you guys better whup some arse.

  17. Brad Locke Says:

    StateDog: I’m hoping the new blog will be superior. We’ve had a good many problems with WordPress, and it keeps getting worse.

    As for the Web site’s name, we’ve been pushing the NeMiss (NeMs for short) brand for a while. Plus, the site will also serve as an all-encompassing portal/home base for our weekly papers’ sites. I have high hopes for this, as we’ve been in desperate need of an updated site.

    And a good observation, ima. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’m not sure what I can do beyond letting you all know as soon as possible when the new blog goes up.

  18. imabulldog Says:

    that’d be great BL, let us know if you can.

  19. thingreenline Says:

    BL, who scheduled the Hawaii matchup, Polk or Cohen? Will they make a trip to Starkville in 2010?

  20. thingreenline Says:

    Also, what major non-conference matchups, after Georgia Tech, are being discussed for upcoming football seasons? I wish we could get hooked up with a Big East team.

  21. toddv Says:

    Thanks for posting that info Brad. Anyone can feel free to register on the site now and get those screen names saved. Some really good ones here. We’re going to take our time in this move to try and make it as easy a transition for the community here as possible. Thanks to all of you who visit here.

    Todd Vinyard
    Online Editor

  22. thingreenline Says:

    One more: what was the end result of the tennis player that was charged with rape? I was just reminded of this after looking at wtva’s site.

    The ex-UM student that cut folks up with a box cutter and the tennis player who tried to use a baseball bat on someone are up for trial. That’s ghetto right there!

  23. bigdraws Says:

    We just got out of a home and home with west virginia. Arent’ they big east?

  24. StateDOG Says:

    Understood, Brad. I hope that the blog is better. Better is always, good, right? Looking forward to seeing what happens. Didn’t mean to sound like a spoil sport or anything.

  25. Brad Locke Says:

    It’s cool, StateDog. I used to love WordPress. Just hope all goes smoothly in the transition.

  26. thingreenline Says:

    yeah, I forgot about WV. but that’s probably a good thing.

  27. thespear Says:

    tgl, i believe the charges against the tennis player were dropped because of lack of evidence

    Here’s the article from the reflector (student newspaper)

  28. darkcooger Says:

    Brad: With the new ESPN deal, will all SEC football games that are not picked up by CBS be available on ESPN360? What about basketball games?

    With more and more television content available online, I’m seriously considering dropping my satellite service and hooking up a small computer in the living room. If I can’t get my football and basketball, though, it’s out of the question. 😛

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