NCAA: No Contest


I had no sooner posted the blog entry below than Bobby Galinsky, Nicholls State’s director of compliance, called and said that the NCAA has ruled in the Colonels’ favor. The baseball game that wasn’t played yesterday has been ruled a “no contest.” Said Galinsky, “According to them, they said that’s the bottom line. As of right now, their ruling was that it was a no contest.” I have left a message with the NCAA asking for confirmation.

He cited Rule 5-14-a, which I cited below: “There shall be no forfeit of a contest until the umpire or other appropriate contest official has assumed jurisdiction of the contest in accordance with the applicable playing rules.” So apparently Jay Logan, MSU’s coordinator of events management and facilities, did not qualify as an “appropriate contest official.” Galinsky also cited 5-14-b: “When a team does not appear (e.g., due to weather conditions, accidents, breakdown of vehicles, illness or catastrophic causes), a forfeit is not recorded.” Galinsky said they took pictures of the field and sent them to the NCAA. He said the field conditions were so bad, they decided to leave early.

NSU coach Chip Durham “said there was no way from the pictures that he took and standing water that they could play that game,” said Galinsky.

Durham also told Galinsky, “We lost by two runs each night, three runs. It’s not like we were scared to play them.”

Sure hope we can resolve this soon. It’s not even an SEC game, for cryin’ out loud.


7 Responses to “NCAA: No Contest”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    It’s one frigging non conference game. If they wanted to get a out of town early because of the weather, so be it. Doesn’t matter to me. No contest is ok.

  2. imabulldog Says:

    As long as it doesn’t work against us…thats fine

  3. darkcooger Says:

    Agreed, I’m fine with a “no contest” ruling. Doesn’t hurt State. I have to say, though, that if Cohen felt like the field was in playable condition, then it probably was. I mean, we all know how well Dudy Noble drains. I can’t believe that there was standing water on the field, and standing water on the tarp (or ice or snow or dog poop) hardly seems like a good reason to cancel a game.

    I appreciate that the coach wanted to keep his players healthy, though, and if all that he said are really his reasons, then so be it.

  4. 83dog Says:

    They could have played.

  5. eurekadog Says:

    1. Gametime was 1:30 PM
    2. NSU left before 11:00 AM
    3. Weather conditions did not keep them form “taking” the field.
    4. The umpire situation needs to be reviewed.
    5. Injuries are always a concern in cold weather and on a “muddy” field. the NCAA doesn’t consider either one enough of a concern to issue specifications for cancelling of a game. Such as, “No game action shall take place when the temperature is below 42 degrees F.”
    6. No one cares now, but if we miss a regional by one game… (Don’t kid yourselves, the margin IS sometimes that thin when choosing between 2 teams.)
    7. It’s over.
    8. How good is Hawaii? Do the baseball players perform a Hawaiian Ha’a bfore their games like the FB team does?

  6. bigdraws Says:

    Heard Jim say on the broadcast Saturday that hawaii had been playing in Minnesota all weekend. Pretty sure that was in a dome though.

  7. imabulldog Says:

    UH is 3-5 this yr, and just loss 2 of 3 this weekend in Minnesota

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