Mathematically Speaking …


There’s a big game in Tuscaloosa, Ala., tonight (8 p.m., ESPN). The Crimson Tide hosts the Tigers in what’s always a big rival game, and with Bama (three straight wins) and Auburn (won six of last seven) both rolling, it oughta be a heck of a game at Coleman Coliseum. Mississippi State has lost to both teams recently, but who would Bulldog coach Rick Stansbury take? Well, after the loss to Auburn on Saturday, he said, “(Auburn) and LSU are probably the best two teams in this league right now.”

However, MSU will be pulling for the Tide, because Auburn (19-10, 8-6) is one game ahead of State (17-12, 7-7) for second place in the Western Division. Even though it doesn’t really deserve a shot at that No. 2 seed, which earns the holder thereof a first-round bye in next week’s SEC Tournament, MSU can get it with wins in its last two ballgames (Wednesday vs. Florida, Saturday at Ole Miss) and Auburn losses in its final two (the other being Saturday vs. division leader LSU).

MSU guard Phil Turner said yesterday, “I just feel like something special is going to happen at the end of the season for us.” Mathematically speaking, that’s still possible.


21 Responses to “Mathematically Speaking …”

  1. db33 Says:

    “Even though it doesn’t really deserve a shot at that No. 2 seed,”

    That’s an interesting slant there Brad. If we win our last 2 and finish 9-7, and Auburn loses their last two to finish 8-8, then we have the 2nd best record in the west.

    Exactly how then would we NOT deserve it?

  2. imabulldog Says:

    BL, I was just looking at the standings myself…

    Optimism and enthusiasm = another MVP Vote for Turner 🙂

  3. markillas44 Says:

    the problem is turner is the only one with that attitude, the rest of the team is just going thru the motions, jarvis and bost being the only other others who have shown up.

    no heart + no bench = 1 and done in SEC tourney & season over.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    that’s what we are talking about on my site right now. I def agree with the no bench factor

  5. tdavis83 Says:

    This season has been an emotional rollercoaster. I know that’s to be expected with so much youth, but by this time in the season all our players should have at least matured into the next level out there on the floor.

    I’ve watch as we’ve played conservative after being up only to be lose at least 3 times this season, I also enjoyed wins such as the comeback against Arkansas.

    Truth is I’ve seen a lot of these games during the last 10 years I’ve been following State. However, I have never seen a game like we had against Auburn, I honestly was embarssed to watch the game and cheer for State. No heart, no drive, and most importantly what I feel is our biggest problem NO COACHING!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll admit I still am looking for someone like Winsome Frazier who I believe had the biggest heart, will to win and worst tattoo ever for State. It just doesn’t seem like our players are that motivated anymore, except for a few outburst from Turner. Where is the Stewart of 2 years ago? That kid had something, then he put on that arm sleeve and became a wimp, no heart…he should be leading this team…

    I guess I’m just bitter because every season seems like we just have wasted talent. Stans can recruit, I’d put him up there with anyone in the Nation, heck 3 commits first round draft picks. I just think what our team could have been like if just one had come to campus….and then I think would we of gone further in the dance or would our season ended in another disapointment? We have the talent, it just seems like we need a coach and a will to win…

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    db33: Just saying that State hasn’t beaten either of the teams ahead of it. In a way, yes they’d deserve it, but not really because they’d have backed into it.

  7. dadawg Says:

    “Even though it doesn’t really deserve a shot at that No. 2 seed”…

    Mathematically speaking…?

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    Because they haven’t been playing like a No. 2 seed. It’ll all be moot by Saturday anyway, if not sooner.

  9. darkcooger Says:

    Brad: Indeed. I hate to say it, but the Dawgs really haven’t been playing like they wanted it. Phil and Jarvis alone seem to be really trying. We have so much talent on the team, but it’s like they just don’t care.

    That may have really taken off after the second LSU game. Maybe the guys felt like it was pointless after that. In any case, they certainly haven’t been playing like the #2 team in the West recently, but they could surprise us with these last two games. “Nothing to lose,” and all that.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    If it comes down to us possibly getting the 2nd place spot- I’m going to Oxford!

  11. BirdZ! Says:

    Poor choice of words, BL. It’s simple, if MSU finishes 9-7, one game ahead of 8-8 Auburn, then MSU would deserve 2nd.

    Now, if MSU had won at Auburn by one point on a 3/4 court shot at the buzzer, and then proceeded to be blown out by them at home, you MIGHT have a point.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Dis iz 2 deap fo me’ don’t even no whut mad-a-matix iz.

  13. Brad Locke Says:

    BirdZ: Getting blown out by Auburn twice, which MSU was, would seem worse than what you described.

  14. BirdZ! Says:

    BL, I should have said that if both teams are tied at the close of business on Sunday, then my scenario would apply. Had MSU and Auburn both won once against each other, that’s what we would potentially be looking at.

    Better record = deserved

  15. BirdZ! Says:

    I should have been more clear. In an effort to be concise (i.e. avoiding a “War and Peace” posting by draws), I was not clear.

  16. Brad Locke Says:

    I gotcha, BirdZ.

  17. dawgface52 Says:

    “Because they haven’t been playing like a No. 2 seed. It’ll all be moot by Saturday anyway, if not sooner.”

    Very objective journalism there. You will probably be correct, but your attitude towards MSU is pretty obvious.

  18. thingreenline Says:

    I agree, dawgface

  19. imabulldog Says:

    TGL, where you been man? Been a while…

    And this team doesn’t deserve any cred at all. We ‘wussed’ out at the midway point, we had worked ourselves into a great position, and then blew it all away.
    Hate to say it, but BL’s right, we didn’t play like a No.2 seed.

    Auburn saved me the Gas $ to Oxfart, thanks…

  20. Brad Locke Says:

    The blog is not a forum with the same standard of objectivity as the newspaper product, and remember, I do write a column. Moot point now, anyway. Oh, and I heard someone said I’m a big Auburn fan. Glad to be made aware of that.

  21. Brad Locke Says:

    One more thing: Gifts aren’t deserved. And a No. 2 seed would’ve been a gift from Auburn.

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