NIT or Bust?


Mississippi State’s players are still hoping to make a run to the SEC Tournament championship and into the Big Dance. Short of that, though, the Bulldogs will have to hope for an NIT bid. Emphasis on hope. If you believe, MSU is on the NIT bubble. The site has the Bulldogs as a No. 7 seed matched up with No. 2-seeded UAB. Two more losses to close the regular season, and they might be looking at the CBI or tournament. (Note: I’m still trying to get a story done on those “alternative” events, but coaches are not cooperating.)

So let me ask you: If MSU fails to earn an NIT bid, should it settle for one of these fledgling tournaments? Being so young and all, extra practice and game experience would be beneficial. Of course, there’s the question of motivation for a team that, as point guard Dee Bost described it, is “down” right now. And there’s the financial question, something I’ll address in the aforementioned story.

As AD Greg Byrne told me, “We’re going to do what’s best for our basketball program, and that’s obviously a combination of experience for our student-athletes and financial parameters, too.” So, what do y’all think would be best for MSU?


15 Responses to “NIT or Bust?”

  1. dadawg Says:

    Win out the rest of the games!

  2. darkcooger Says:

    Agreed completely with dadawg. Best for the Dawgs is obviously NCAA. Barring that, NIT isn’t so bad. I can’t help but think we get a major black eye if we can’t even get in the NIT, regardless of what other tournaments we might make, and it’s not hard to argue that it’s better to stay home than to go to some piddly nobody tourney.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Bama and Auby has been one sloppy war. Bama still fightin’

  4. imabulldog Says:

    well, they blew a 12 point lead with like 12 to go, they deserved to lose-the same way we have all year after blowing leads

  5. BirdZ! Says:

    Turn down a CBI invitation. The players would have no desire to play in a “tournament” that allows teams with losing records into it.

  6. midnightdawg Says:

    hmmm, i see the midnight sarcasm didn’t survive the night…lol…. was i right or am i crazy? little of both maybe?……

  7. midnightdawg Says:

    and yes, take ANY tourney bid out there. like football, (excluding post Liberty Bowl) the extra practices pay off, especially with such a young team

  8. midnightdawg Says:

    Birdz.. you may have nailed it. I hope not, but if “the players have no desire to play”, then you’re right. Why not just decline the invite to the SEC’s? I believe we have kids who want to play ball, everyday, against anyone. Bring it. I hope you’re wrong. But you raise an interesting question, whether you intended to or not

  9. midnightdawg Says:

    and our team is in no postion to be or act too good for whatever tourney their invited to. either you want to play ball or you don’t.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    I don’t want to go to the CBI, period

  11. db33 Says:

    NIT, CBI, or TimBukTu, if they want us to keep playing then keep playing. It’ll only help us for next year.

    But, I think we just need 1 more win to get into the NIT. Hopefully we’ll get that tonight. 18 wins and we’re in the NIT.

    Here’s a what if for y’all. What if we beat Fla, OM and finish 19-11. Then, we go to the SEC tournament and beat GA on the Thurs (3-seed vs. East 6-seed). That puts us facing East #2 on Friday. That looks like either South Carolina or Tenn. OK, say we win that one. Now, we’re 21-11 heading into the semi’s against the winner of West #1 vs. East 4/West 5.

    Obviously, LSU should be sitting there on Saturday. Our guys will be chomping at the bit for that rematch. The 3’s are falling and shock! we upset the Tigers and move into the title game.

    Then, at 22-11, we play someone like Kentucky and lose a heartbreaker. UK always does well in the SEC tourney. We finish 22-12.

    ARE WE IN THE BIG DANCE? We will have won 5 of our last 6, and will have beaten Florida, either South Carolina or Tenn, and LSU as well as a tough road win in Oxford.

    Would that be enough?

    I don’t know, but in my opinion, it should be.

    BUT, more than likely we’ll find a way to win one more, maybe 2, and then we’ll find ourselves in the NIT. Hopefully we’ll get to host at least 1 game.

  12. msudawginbama Says:

    thats a rosy outlook, db! hopefully it’ll come to pass, but we’ll see!

    after what uga pulled last year, i’m not gonna count anyone out of winned the sec-t….

  13. imabulldog Says:

    we’ll see, I have faith in this team, but still need some proof. They have to prove that they actually have some ONIONS!

  14. s084swd Says:

    I’m not for going to any tournament other than the NIT or The Big Dance. IMO, those are the only real tournaments out there. If we don’t make at least the NIT, then we need to call it a season.

  15. imabulldog Says:

    last thing we need is a CBI tourney

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