Blog Bag Answers, As Scheduled


Most of our questions dealt with scheduling, be it baseball, football or the SEC Basketball Tournament. So, here are your answers, people.

Q: Are there currently any future games scheduled with Nicholls State and if so, are we going to let them know ahead of time we don’t plan on playing or will we just let them figure it out when we don’t show?
A: As far as AD Greg Byrne knows, there is not. He posted a lengthy blog entry yesterday about the matter. “We really wanted to communicate to our donor base and fans and get them to hear our side of the information,” Byrne said. As for scheduling a game to replace the “no contest,” Byrne said it hasn’t been discussed yet.

Q: Until the umps arrive and declare “play ball”, either team can decide not to play?
A: Say hello to Mr. Loophole. Byrne said he’s been in discussions with the SEC about the rule, but “right now it’s a baseball rules committee that needs to be addresssed. To be honest, they just don’t think they ever considered this to be a possibility. And understandably.”

Q: Why is the SEC Tourney in Tampa and why is the site changing?
A: Apparently, Tampa just made the best bid. And it’s always rotated, maybe just not this often. Here’s what MSU coach Rick Stansbury thinks about it: “For us, there’s nothing positive about Tampa. … It’s probably the worst venue we could have, from the standpoint of distance.”

Q: Who scheduled the Hawaii baseball matchup, Ron Polk or John Cohen? Will they make a trip to Starkville in 2010?
A: That’d be Polk. As for Hawaii coming to Starkville, team spokesman Joe Dier said MSU is “working on it.”

Q: What major non-conference matchups, after Georgia Tech, are being discussed for upcoming football seasons?
A: Byrne: “Nothing we’re willing to release right now, but we have some contracts we’re going back and forth on with our schools. Some home-and-homes and two-for-ones (two in Starkville, one at the other place).” He said one possible opponent was wanting a $1.5 million guarantee. Uh, no, said Byrne. So what kind of teams is MSU in discussions with? “They’re all Division I football schools,” he said. Well, there you go.

Q: With the new ESPN deal, will all SEC football games that are not picked up by CBS be available on ESPN360? What about basketball games?
A: ESPN360, ESPNU, ESPNGamePlan – you’ll be able to find it somewhere. Every game, in league play, at least.


7 Responses to “Blog Bag Answers, As Scheduled”

  1. darkcooger Says:

    Interesting. It looks like every game will be available on ESPN360, then (except maybe the CBS ones). Shouldn’t even have to worry about blackouts anymore since ESPN will be doing the regional broadcasts too.

    I’m a fan of small, local business but here’s a case where I’m thrilled about the big dogs coming to town. 😛 Sorry Raycom!

  2. imabulldog Says:

    Stanz is exactly right…idiots for moving the Tourney to Tampa.

    And guess I’ll be getting Direct TV so I can get all the ESPN channels

  3. imabulldog Says:

    raycom SUCKS! R.I.P.

  4. gotigersgo Says:

    There maybe some reason to worry about ESPN360. If you are a Comcast internet subscriber, ESPN360 isn’t available tp you. It’s available just to those internet partners that have a deal with ESPN. BTW, 360 is available to AT&T/Bellsouth DSL users.Yeah! … These are the same idiot Comcast bums that won’t put SportSouth on its Tupelo lineup. know, I ought to get a dish. But the place where I rent won’t allow a dish to be installed.

  5. gotigersgo Says:

    Just in case there’s some confusion. ESPN360 isn’t an over-the-air or cable/dish network. It’s only available to certain broadband internet users and some mobile users. For more info, go to —

  6. darkcooger Says:

    gotigersgo: Yeah. ESPN360 is a fantastic option if your ISP is one of their partners. In the end, the deal ESPN has with ISPs is very similar to the deal they have with cable and satellite providers. If your ISP doesn’t support them, you’re out of luck, though.

    I watched the women’s tournament on ESPN360 with my laptop hooked up to my TV last night. I was impressed with the video quality, and I’ve read that they’re pushing more HD streams.

    Also, have to agree with ima and Stansbury about the tournament. It’s really stupid. Atlanta is just about central to all of the SEC. I imagine having the tournament all the way out in Tampa has hurt ticket sales (nevermind the economy).

    If we’re talking to opponents that want a $1.5 million guarantee, does that suggest we’re talking to some big-name schools? Is MSU going to start trying to make all of its non-conference games tough instead of just one of them?

  7. maxdawg Says:

    Well I can tell you metrocast won’t carry it. I wish. It’s broadband but no such luck.

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