Cohen’s Candor: We’re Not Very Good


One thing I already love about Mississippi State baseball coach John Cohen: his candor.

His team went all the way to Hawaii to lose three of four games to the Warriors. It was a trip Cohen reluctantly took – it was scheduled two years ago – and the Bulldogs’ pitching got touched for 28 runs (23 earned) in the three losses.

“To be real honest with you, we’re not a talented ‘stuff’ pitching staff,” Cohen said. “Stuff” being, of course, baseball parlance for the quality of a pitcher’s repertoire. The bright spots were Tyler Whitney – one run, three hits in 6.1 innings in a 3-1 win – and Nick Routt – two earned runs, two hits in 5 innings of a 7-4 loss. Cohen said those two have made strong cases for weekend starting roles. Then there was Chad Crosswhite, who had a 0.00 ERA in nine innings of relief work but made his first start in Sunday’s 11-5 loss. He yielded five earned runs on seven hits in 2 innings.

“Chad was a victim of circumstance,” Cohen said, citing a blown double play chance. “I think if we give him six or seven days off and get him back out there to start, he’ll be fine.”

Offensively, State managed only 17 runs over the four games. Junior outfielder Luke Adkins shined, going 6 of 13 with two doubles and a grand slam.

Don’t let that 7-1 start State had fool you. Cohen said a ton of work lies ahead. “I’m not trying to make excuses for our players or for us, but I’ve been watching this for months now, and we’re not a very good ball club by any standards.” It should be noted that Cohen always has plenty of positives to say about his team, like, “I can tell you this, nobody’s going to out-compete us.” He’s just being honest, which is great.

MSU (8-4) hosts Valparaiso on Wednesday in a day-night doubleheader, then opens SEC play on Friday against South Carolina. More on Cohen’s Bulldogs later in the week.


11 Responses to “Cohen’s Candor: We’re Not Very Good”

  1. irondawg Says:

    Bottom line: Polk left the program in a big mess. It’s a shame our previous athletic director didn’t have the foresight to move on to someone new instead of bringing back the soapbox master so that he could manipulate and use MSU for his own personal agenda. But what’s done is done. Cohen will make MSU baseball matter again one day, but it will take some time to clean up the stinch left by Polk.

  2. markillas44 Says:

    agreed iron…polk’s old school ways and continual threats are the reasons for the current state of the program. it will take cohen time but everyone should thank byrne for getting cohen instead of letting polk insert raffo in his place because it would have been more of the same disappointment polk provided.

  3. darkcooger Says:

    Nice honesty from Cohen! I hope we can see the same from Mullen if necessary. Ideally, of course, it won’t be necessary. 😛

  4. imabulldog Says:

    Man, I hated Polk…sorry to the guys that loved him.

    -What the HECK did it benefit us, to go all the way out there and get drilled!?!
    Just like with LaTech in fball

  5. markillas44 Says:

    i think it best not to question the mind of a lunatic (i.e., polk) as there is no reason or justification for its thoughts or actions. croom, polk and raffo had a business meeting planned – the title was ‘how to screw up mississippi state sports real good’

  6. ukrainedog Says:

    The Hawaii thing was in the making a couple years ago as I understand it; nothing Cohen could do about that. If State had swept them then we’d all be talking about what a great “bonding” experience it was for the team. If they jell and become a power in the next couple of years we might still be saying that. I think the Final Four Dogs played in Eastern Europe or something early that season.

  7. jcdawgman18 Says:

    We won game one out there, so I don’t believe distance had anything to do with it. Like Coach Cohen said, we’re just not that good.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    we better be better than Hawaii in freakin baseball-thats all I’m saying

  9. benzadawgfan Says:

    Were we not playing in Omaha 2 years ago? It was time for Polk to go, no doubt, and the idea he could pick his replacement was crazy, but he didn’t take the years Sherrill did and run the program into the ground. We were top 25 pre-season last year, and I expect we’ll be back where we belong next year!

  10. rufuswasafan Says:

    I think having a tourny with the Big 12, say at three of their homes and three SEC homes at this time of year would be great. You could start it on a Thursday and end on a Sunday. Four games VS each CONF.

  11. mathistondawg Says:

    Yes, we were in the world series two years ago. I was there with several thousand other bulldog fans. It didn’t look like a disgraced program to me, we had the biggest contingent there. The year before that we sneaked in to the SEC tourney and won over our brothers in north mississippi. I was there. It was awesome.

    I think the idea of a Hawaii trip is brilliant. Schedule one every three to four years for the kids. Remember when alabama wasn’t bowl eligible and scheduled hawaii? they used it in recruiting.

    markillas, I think you are wrong, dead wrong. It was time for polk to retire, but he didn’t run us into the ground. No sir.

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