SEC Tournament: First Look


First off, no Blog Bag this week, because I’ll obviously be occupied with something else: The SEC Basketball Tournament, which begins Thursday in Tampa. I leave Tuesday, press conferences Wednesday, and State plays Georgia at 2:15 p.m. Thursday. I think we can all agree that this will be as wide-open a tournament as we’ve had in years. Seth Emerson of The State certainly thinks so. He classifies the Bulldogs as a possible “This year’s Georgia” team, citing the play of Jarvis Varnado and MSU’s perimeter shooting. He puts Ole Miss in that same category and claims that point guard Terrico White “will be the SEC freshman of the year.”

I’ll offer my own thoughts on the tournament, and MSU’s chances of winning it, in tomorrow’s Daily Journal. And will the Bulldogs need to win the whole thing to get an NCAA bid? According to this guy, they will.


5 Responses to “SEC Tournament: First Look”

  1. markillas44 Says:

    i have to agree – the dawgs will have to win it all to go the big dance & with a potential 3rd round match-up with LSU i don’t see that happening, which is assuming they can beat UGA in round 1 & USC in round 2. both of which the dawgs are capable of…if they show up.

  2. markillas44 Says:

    ole miss has some football player issues:–Hornsby.html

  3. imabulldog Says:

    that’s going on my site thanks markillas

  4. db33 Says:

    I’m sure we have to win it, but if we were to win 3 over Georgia, South Carolina, and LSU, then lose to whoever, we’d finish with a 12-8 conf. record. 12 SEC wins, 22 overall wins, and not in?

  5. markillas44 Says:

    i have state losing to LSU in round 3 with LSU moving on to play UT in the championship. a win over LSU and a loss to UT in the final isn’t enough to erase bad losses to Bama and Ole Miss. i don’t think auburn makes the tourney even with their win over LSU saturday – RPI is low and their strength of schedule is low too – not sure what state’s numbers are but i don’t think it’s enough…but i hope i’m wrong!

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