Live from Tampa


Settled in here at the Holiday Inn Express on the north side of town, about eight miles from St. Pete Times Forum. That’s where I’ll be tomorrow afternoon for a press conference with Mississippi State players and coach Rick Stansbury. The team also arrived in Tampa tonight, touching down around 8:30 p.m. local time. Elgin Bailey didn’t make the trip, but he had a good checkup at the doctor today and got fitted for a new cast on his dislocated right ankle.

On the newsy side, those who follow me on Twitter know that MSU receiver Arceto Clark, a rising sophomore, was suspended indefinitely by coach Dan Mullen for a violation of team policy. No specifics were given, and coach Dan Mullen isn’t commenting. This comes on the heels of Maurice Langston being suspended after being arrested on a drug charge.

OK, I’m off to bed.


9 Responses to “Live from Tampa”

  1. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    I know it’s coming so I’m gonna get my piece in now. Could we be losing some of our structure with the change at the head. Now, I’m looking foward to Dan, but I just had to fan that flame.

  2. bigdraws Says:

    I doubt it. Folks were getting arrested the whole time Croom was there.

  3. markillas44 Says:

    BL – just a quick thank you for being the antithesis of chris low at espn – the guy couldn’t write an complete and accurate blog if his arse was on fire.

  4. Braves Dawg Says:

    It’s hard to do much of anything when your Boone is on fire.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    I’m really glad Dan is putting his foot down, ya never know how things were done down at UF-or what mindset he’d bring with him

  6. dawgx Says:

    I think we had more players arrested when Coach Croom was there than all of Jackie Sherrill’s years. Even though Croom was supposed to be the “discipline king”. It always seemed to me that Coach Croom ousted players that may have simply disagreed with his playing style…which we know now to be valid.
    Just curious, Brad how many players were arrested or kicked off the team during Croom’s years? Anybody have a count?

  7. Brad Locke Says:

    Markillas – Thanks. Dawgx – Don’t have a count, but probably could come up with a number at some point.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    probably 8-11

  9. rwriffe Says:

    Guys, like it or not, the recruiting process in itself only helps to make these kids feel as though they are special and can do as they like with no consequences. They are made to feel like they are special when in reality they are just athletes and for the most part these feelings are fostered at home where it all begins. This stuff happens in every program and we will never be free of it. Money talks and bull@@$% walks.

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