On That Long Road


I’ll be hitting the road soon, making the 740-mile trek from Tupelo to Tampa. I haven’t gone on that long a trip since I moved here from North Carolina.

The SEC Tournament begins Thursday, and as I write in today’s Daily Journal, it’s anybody’s for the taking, including Mississippi State. In the column, I make an argument for why the Bulldogs could win the tourney and get an automatic NCAA bid. Pretty good argument, I think.

Something to amuse you between now and my next blog post later tonight: The State’s David Cloninger offers his thoughts on who should win postseason SEC honors – and who will actually win them. No love for Dee Bost or Jarvis Varnado.


9 Responses to “On That Long Road”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    No love? Maybe you missed this part.

    “SEC DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: The obvious choice is Mississippi State’s Jarvis Varnado, who won it last year and is again leading the league in blocks. He’s fourth in rebounding as well.”

  2. markillas44 Says:

    sorry – couldn’t resist

  3. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Yeah, draws, but then he turns around and says Calathes should win it. Dude is smoking some good stuff.

  4. maroonseedymon Says:

    there is only one thing to say about anybody who picks a winner in the SEC men’s hoops tourney (unless forced to by their job/boss). In the words of the immortal ‘Mr.T’ : ” PITY THE FOOL!”

  5. maxdawg Says:

    I just went to Orlando in December I’m not looking forward to that drive. Got a Brother in law that’s an Arky fan going with us. Friday will be a late night with a lot of drunk Florida fans. I hope I’m a happy State fan.

  6. darkcooger Says:

    My big concern right now is that first matchup against Georgia. Yeah, they’re the worst in the East, but they’ve had some quality late-season wins (Florida and Kentucky, especially Kentucky) and they played us MIGHTY close.

    Can State beat Georgia? Sure, but I’m of the opinion that our team is capable of beating anyone in the league if they’re playing well (if they were playing even 2% better, they’d have beat LSU the second game).

    Can Georgia beat State? I think they can. They came very close once already this season.

    So I’m not looking past the first day. I agree that the tournament is completely up in the air, and with that in mind, I’m concerned about the Georgia game. 😛

  7. imabulldog Says:

    well, as long as we don’t play ”Stanz Ball” against them we’ll be fine. What were up- like 13 0r 19 in that game earlier this yr and only beat em by 6

  8. shuffle02 Says:

    hope you got your iPod with you for the trip. Stay safe, Brad.

  9. Brad Locke Says:

    Indeed I do, shuffle. Thanks.

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