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Parrish Alford and I will be heading out for St. Pete Times Forum shortly. Press conferences and practices will be held today, and practices will be open. So, full access. Mississippi State’s press conference will be at 1:30 p.m. local time. So I’ll report from that, finish up my Georgia-MSU advance, and then head for dinner with an old friend who works at the Tampa Tribune. Speaking of the Tribune, here is their SEC Tournament Central.

MSU has a pretty good setup for making a run to Sunday’s title game. If it wins today, South Carolina will be next on Friday. If State can’t make a deep run, then it’s probably the NIT. The Web site NITology.com still has the Bulldogs as a No. 7 seed, matched up with Maryland.

Also, as y’all know, Jarvis Varnado and Dee Bost were honored by the SEC. Here is our story on it.

Also also, a football link. Former MSU running back Dontay Walker ā€“ yes, that’s how he spells his first name now ā€“ is headed for house arrest. Speaking of Bulldogs in trouble, nothing further yet on Arceto Clark, the sophomore receiver who was suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team policy.


9 Responses to “On Tap, On the Links”

  1. thingreenline Says:

    That would be a good subject for next time you talk to Mullen, BL.

    Did he notice such consistent thugery while at Florida? I’m sure they had problems from time-to-time, but it seems to be a continuous thing here at MSU.

    Just b/c they can run and catch or block, they think they can do whatever they want.

  2. preachertruetomsu Says:

    Can anyone tell me what channel to find Raycom on for SEC tournament. I haven’t been able to find it of late. Not showing up on Dish program guide-I have Dish Silver 200 subscription. Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Walker had all the potential to be awesome-and at times was. I remember him coming into the fieldhouse wanting cleats and some gloves so he could try out for the NFL…at which we all laughed.

    Him and Zo were a great combination

  4. biloxi13 Says:

    Preacherman – you can click on the affiliates tab in the url below to see the actual channels in each particular market – not sure how this relates to Dish network –


  5. carwwest Says:

    ima, zo was my favortie running back to watch even over jj johnson and jerious…he was just so elusive and a jack of all trades…jerious is a close second though….i want to find out what clark did cuase we are going to need all the WR help we can get next year…i would not be surprised to see someone like bonner or stallworth or somebody become kind of a H bak that primarily runs routes….

  6. imabulldog Says:

    I agree Car…nobody has his swagger.

    I also wonder how AD will fit in this system, I think he’ll be fine, but Stall and Elliot will be perfect

  7. bleedmaroon Says:

    I played against zo in high school and I will be the first to tell you that even at that level he is the quickest person I have ever seen. Not just fast but quick. It seemed like in one split second he went left to right. Left you looking stupid.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Man, I miss that guy…miss the 12 yd runs and seeing him do the shoulder shake.

    I’m pretty sure if D.Walker wasn’t there at same time, Zo woulda broke all the rushing records

  9. carwwest Says:


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