Hey, Kodi, the Shoe Ain’t Dropping


Kodi Augustus seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Following his 13-point, seven-rebound performance against Ole Miss on Saturday, the sophomore reserve expressed disappointment that his increase in playing time was coming at season’s end. And he didn’t sound like someone confident it would continue into the SEC Tournament.

“Hopefully, I can keep playing,” he said Monday. “You never know with Coach (Rick) Stansbury, I’ll probably be sitting next game. You might not see me no more.”

I don’t think Augustus need worry. He’s earned the right to play significant minutes, and with Elgin Bailey going down with his ankle injury two games ago, Augustus is even more valuable in the post. The key for MSU against Georgia today (2:15 p.m., Raycom), and throughout this tournament, will likely be its bench play.

Since getting shut out against Auburn, the State reserves have totaled 53 points over the last two games. State beat Ole Miss despite point guard Dee Bost playing just six minutes in the first half with foul trouble, and with Barry Stewart and Jarvis Varnado fouling out in the second half. Needing to win four games in four days to take the title will require everything the Bulldog bench can provide.

“We’re not going to save anybody for the next one,” Stansbury said Wednesday. “We’re going to do whatever we have to do to win that first game.”

So get ready, Kodi. You’ll be in there.


8 Responses to “Hey, Kodi, the Shoe Ain’t Dropping”

  1. fearofadawgplanet Says:

    Hey, Kodi, looking forward to your transfer to STFU!

    Grow a sack and play the game.

    P.S.–Houston and Rice each have a bench, too.

  2. dadwithpride Says:

    Hopefully, he was b*****ing about playing time , while smiling at Stans, or with tongue in cheek. Criticizing the coach is the quickest way to the bench. There is a fine line between showing the coach that you want to play, and questioning his wisdom about who gets the most minutes. “Practice? We”re talking practice?”

  3. imabulldog Says:

    That must be a Reb fan ^ there who made that comment.

    Must want him to transfer because he’s tired of getting dunked on by Kodi. Your sayin he should be on the bench, he just put up 13 on ya boys. And from what it looked like on Saturday, he has a pair of onions, and he played the game.

    From the State side of things…just keep your mouth shut, it’ll all take care of itself…if you play D, and shut your mouth

  4. imabulldog Says:

    BTW, OM by 2 at the Half over UK. Terrico White-showing out

  5. dadawg Says:

    Does Kodi have an attitude issue?….Nahhhhhhhh

  6. biloxi13 Says:

    Poor Webels

  7. mathistondawg Says:

    U of M done. We are still alive.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    Balls? did you see that ‘pair’…maybe we should thank OM for the Miracle Grow

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