Better Late Than Never; & Much More


It’s a fair question: Where would Mississippi State be if Kodi Augustus had been in the lineup and playing like this sooner? Would the Bulldogs have gotten past LSU in that double-overtime game? Would they have given Auburn a better shot? We’ll never know, of course, but we do know that Augustus’ sudden rise makes MSU as much a contender as anyone in the SEC Tournament. His 19 points off the bench in yesterday’s 79-60 win over Georgia illustrated just what the Bulldogs are capable of with him on the floor. (Don’t ask me why the headline calls him a freshman. That’s not in the story.)

Augustus did it all in 17 minutes of work. Starter Phil Turner, who sat when Augustus played, doesn’t mind sharing the workload. Expect the two to split minutes again today when the Bulldogs (20-12, 10-7 SEC) battle South Carolina (21-8, 10-6) at 2:15 p.m. Central. The winner will face the Kentucky-LSU winner (noon today) in the semifinals Saturday at noon. It can all be seen on Raycom or

In other news, MSU and South Carolina will also match up on the baseball diamond today. State opens its SEC slate at Dudy Noble Field, and coach John Cohen hopes his Bulldogs aren’t too overmatched.

An interesting note from track and field: An injury to another athlete allowed MSU’s Marrissa Harris to enter the NCAA Indoor Track Championships, which start today in College Station, Texas. This will be Harris’ second trip to the NCAAs, where she will compete in the 60-meter hurdles.

And finally, you might be wondering what took me so dang long to post something. It’s because I didn’t turn out the lights until 1:30 a.m. Why? That little six-overtime affair at Madison Square Garden, that’s why. But it’s OK, I have coffee now.


12 Responses to “Better Late Than Never; & Much More”

  1. goldendawg Says:

    Brad, do you still think we need to win the tourney to get considered for the dance. Let’s say we beat SC and LSU/UK and lose in the final. Any shot that those two quality wins will garner consideration?

  2. imabulldog Says:

    Golden, I think we could get in with those 2 wins

  3. markillas44 Says:

    i’m still not sold on that getting us in…i’m hopeful but i think we have to win it all to get in. the view of the SEC is that it’s down and therefore not worthy of more than 3 teams – i think the competition is better, no great teams (although LSU & UT are debatable in the regard) but everyone is capable of beating one another…expect ARK & UGA.

  4. darkcooger Says:

    They’ve made a big deal the last couple of weeks about how no SEC team with 10 conference wins has missed the Big Dance since the divisions were created. Well, we’ve made that threshold. We also got the 20 win marker. I certainly think we SHOULD be in the conversation, and a win over South Carolina would give us a better argument.

    Of course, after South Carolina, another win or two wouldn’t hurt. 😉

  5. markillas44 Says:

    most of the ‘experts’ have usc in and florida out of the tourney already, if we beat usc today does that keep them out, if florida beats auburn does that get them in?

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    The good news for y’all is that the prognosticators have zero influence on the NCAA selection committee. I think a win today and Saturday would plant State firmly on the bubble. They don’t need anyone like Baylor winning a conference tournament, though. Stuff like that happens, and you can forget about it.

  7. markillas44 Says:

    this would be good news for you too BL. is mike slive still on the selection committee?

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    Yes, this is his last year on the committee. Obviously, he has to step out of the room when SEC teams are being discussed.

  9. itadog20 Says:

    I do not have a problem you asking the question about Kodi Augustus PT and where we would be if it was different. But I think what we must also address is the kind of coaching job Stans did by keeping KA in a position where he could come back and give the effort he is giving. Remember, PT disappeared when Fall grades were due, and playing time picked up when midterm grades were due, so who knows the real reason for the lack of PT other than Stans and KA.

  10. thespear Says:

    Does anyone know what channel the game is on on direct tv? The fsn alternate channel that carried game 5 suddenly shut off.

    Ugh, first my trip to tampa, now my tv goes crazy

  11. thespear Says:

    tampa cancelled*

  12. mathistondawg Says:

    I found it on channel 648 directv

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