NCAA Links Aplenty


About to get back on that road from Macon, Geo., to Tupelo. Then get ready for the trip to Portland. Just enough time here for some quick linkage action, starting with the stories from today’s Daily Journal:

MSU 64, Tennessee 61

MSU punches NCAA ticket

Up next: Washington

From other newspapers out west, the Huskies are a bit stunned about their “tough draw” in the first round. So is columnist Art Thiel, who essentially asks, Where’s the cream puff? MSU and Washington meet Thursday at about 4 p.m. Central at the Rose Garden, and the Portland Tribune says the event is already sold out.

OK, friends, back on that road I go.


6 Responses to “NCAA Links Aplenty”

  1. dadwithpride Says:

    Surely they ain’t gonna make u make that drive. If so, you should have left yesterday. Surely you can hitch a ride on the MSU charter jet. Just call “big Head” , i mean Ellis to hook you up.
    Whats your early prediction?
    Also, TV times and channels?

  2. markillas44 Says:

    state has a great chance to win this game – they match-up well, young team like state, similar stats. reading the links from out there it’s obvious state won’t sneak up on them, at least their coach is saying those things in the paper…we’ll see on thursday @ 4 cst…not sure about tv.

  3. darkcooger Says:

    The Washington coach has class. That little turd on the selection show on CBS made it out like MSU didn’t have a prayer, so it’s good to know that our opponent respects our guys.

    It should be a good matchup. I’m looking forward to it, but I sure hope we don’t have to endure any more 5-minute-long 15-second finales. I’m not sure my heart, couch, or floor could take it!

  4. benzadawgfan Says:

    It seems to me that the committee was content to call the SEC ‘down’ and dismiss the accomplishments of it’s teams. I can understand only getting 3 in, but the seeding is horrible! LSU should have been a 6 or 7 at worst! I wish we could have been closer to home, but I prefer this year’s seed to last. We have a legit shot @ the sweet 16….. and if we find our shooting touch…. Who Knows?

  5. dc31 Says:

    I agree with you benzada. Even though we’re in their backyard, I love our chances. They are not a three point shooting team, they have a freshman PG who is 5’8, and their best post player is 6’7. It all depends on how we shoot and I like our chances against anybody out there, Memphis, UCONN, Purdue. It seems that this is a bad draw, but it’s the best one that we’ve had in years. Duke in Rd 2, Memphis in Rd 2, hot Xavier in Rd 2, Butler in Rd 1, Texas in Rd 2 (Dallas)

    UW also lost to Florida, so that let’s me know that we can play with them
    State is also 2-0 against Pac-10 in Rd 1 (Oregon & Stanford)

  6. warbirdz44 Says:

    Thursday can’t get here soon enough!

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