“Bulldogs Love Ducks”


That is the headline Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury urged an Oregonian writer to put in his newspaper tomorrow. Having traveled 2,000-something miles to get here, the Bulldogs’ fans are obviously going to be greatly out-numbered by the Washington faithful. So Stansbury hopes to recruit some Oregon fans to his side. It is not a far-fetched notion, not at all.

State AD Greg Byrne, who worked at both Oregon and Oregon State, said he knows Oregon fans who had MSU apparel rush-delivered so they could wear it to tomorrow’s game. “They don’t like Washington. And some of them are my friends who are rooting for us to beat them because of my friendship,” Byrne said. But it’s true: Ducks fans loathe Washington, even more so than they do Oregon State. Seriously. That’s kind of like MSU fans harboring more hate for Alabama than Ole Miss (which I have heard of). Oregon fan Jason Fuller, a Portland resident who was in the Rose Garden today to watch the Bulldogs practice, isn’t surprised by fellow Duck fans becoming Bulldogs for a day. “There’s a big disdain for the Huskies, more than the Beavers,” said Fuller, who was sporting a green ‘O’ hat and Oregon T-shirt. But why? “It’s more the arrogance of them, being in Seattle versus Portland.”

An odd little twist to this phenomenon is that MSU eliminated Oregon from the first round of last year’s NCAA tournament. No grudge is held, Fuller said. Quite the opposite, as he cited the Oregon-MSU football series earlier this decade as a source of goodwill between the schools.

So maybe the Bulldogs won’t feel so homesick when they take the floor tomorrow. It will probably still have the feel of a Washington home game, but there could be a stronger than expected Bulldog contingent, if only for a day. “It’s good to have people cheering for you rather than everybody booing against you,” MSU guard Barry Stewart said. “I know we’ll have to hit the floor and take the same approach, but we’d appreciate that help if we get it.”


9 Responses to ““Bulldogs Love Ducks””

  1. darkcooger Says:

    We’ll just have to remember to cheer for the Ducks the next time the situation arises. It’s always nice to have someone come to your side. Kinda makes me hope we never meet them in the tournament again, so I won’t have to cheer against them.

    Go Ducks, and Go Dawgs!

  2. cbizzle08 Says:

    Hey Brad I’m from Oregon, I grew up a Duck fan befor I came to State. That being said I can tell you I hate the Huskies about as much as I hate the rebels. Since I can’t make it to the game I have already sent as much State gear to my buddies back home for them to use. I really think we can beat the crap out of these guys.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Rick take a team to play in the Rose Garden back in like 98 or 99 for the Pape Jam?

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Quack-Quack, Quack Attack!!! Help us out!

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Here’s the article he wrote.


  5. goldendawg Says:

    If anyone has dish or digital cable, CBSCS is showing SEC champ replay right now.

  6. dc31 Says:

    I thought the UNC fans would cheer for us against Duke in 05. They did in the first half, but when the game got tight in the second half you could tell that they wanted Duke to win. Most of them left after half too

  7. darkcooger Says:

    Let them call us Bullducks, Brad! Here’s hoping this is a happy union!

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