MSU-Washington: Official Game Thread



We’ve just seen Purdue dispatch a scrappy Northern Iowa team, 61-56, which means No. 13 seed Mississippi State (23-12) and No. 4 Washington (25-8) are up next in this West Region first-round game. The rest of today’s schedule involves a pair of South Region games: Gonzaga-Akron and Illinois-Western Kentucky.

Before we get to the basics, here’s one of those fun by-the-numbers:

1 – Jersey number of Washington’s Venoy Overton, a 5-foot-11 sophomore who was named honorable mention Pac-10 all-defensive team. He’s a reserve.

2 – Number of different lineups MSU has used this season, the lone change being Phil Turner for Kodi Augustus 10 games in.

3 – Top Pac-10 honors received by Huskies this year: Lorenzo Romar (Coach of the Year), Isaiah Thomas (Freshman of the Year) and Justin Dentmon (Most Improved).

4 – Washington’s seeding, its second-highest ever (No. 1 in 2005).

6 – Consecutive games won by MSU.

8 – Number of 20-win seasons for MSU coach Rick Stansbury.

12 – Number of times this season State has made at least 10 3-pointers in a game.

13 – Years since State last advanced past the second round of the NCAA tourney. Also, its seeding this year.

15 – Washington’s ranking in the latest AP poll (No. 14 in ESPN/USA Today poll)

19 – Number of blocks by MSU’s Jarvis Varnado over the last three games.

21 – Rebounds by State’s Turner over the last two games.

27.8 – Points per game from Washington’s bench in its last four wins.

28 – The combined 3-point shooting percentage of MSU’s last six opponents. Only Georgia (36.8) shot 30 percent or better.

30 – Average number of free throw attempts by the Bulldogs over its last five games. They’ve hit 72.7 percent of them.

58 – Career double-doubles for UW’s Jon Brockman, the NCAA’s active leader.

OK, here are the basics:

XM: Channel 199.
Series: Washington leads 1-0.
Last meeting: Washington, 82-80 on Dec. 27, 1967, in Jacksonville, Fla.
Coaches: MSU – Rick Stansbury (231-127, 11th year); Washington – Lorenzo Romar (237-168, 13th year; 144-80, seventh year at Washington).
Notes: Washington, the regular-season Pac-10 champ, is a No. 4 seed. MSU, the SEC Tournament champ, is seeded 13th. … For the third straight time, MSU opens the tournament against a Pac-10 team. … The winner plays the Northern Iowa-Purdue winner on Saturday. … This is Stansbury’s sixth NCAA appearance as a head coach. … Five of MSU’s last six opponents have shot less than 30 percent from 3-point range.

Probable starters
Mississippi State (23-12)

C – Jarvis Varnado    6-9    Jr.    13.1 ppg
G – Phil Turner    6-3    So.    8.5 ppg
G – Dee Bost    6-2    Fr.    11.1 ppg
G – Barry Stewart    6-3    Jr.    12.3 ppg
G – Ravern Johnson    6-7    So.    12.2 ppg
Top reserves: F Kodi Augustus, G Riley Benock, F Brian Johnson.

Washington (25-8)
G – Isaiah Thomas    5-8    Fr.    15.4 ppg
G – Justin Dentmon    5-11    Sr.    15.0 ppg
F – Jon Brockman    6-7    Sr.    14.9 ppg
F – Quincy Pondexter    6-6    Jr.    11.5 ppg
F – Darnell Gant    6-8    Fr.    3.1 ppg
Top reserves: F Matthew Bryan-Amaning, G Venoy Overton, F Elston Turner.


91 Responses to “MSU-Washington: Official Game Thread”

  1. maxdawg Says:

    Let’s get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maxdawg Says:

    BL do you see any MSU imposters?
    Or helpers.

  3. maxdawg Says:

    Seeya going to to watch it I know they’ll be jumping all over the place.

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    Max: I do see a few Oregon fans, in Oregon gear, in the arena. Perhaps the rest are wearing maroon, of which there is not much. At least, not much compared to all the purple.

  5. goldendawg Says:

    Let’s Go Dawgs!

  6. goldendawg Says:

    My God.. How many dunks have we missed this year?

  7. carwwest Says:

    exactly what i was thinking!….how many shots around the basket have we missed this year!?!?….it seems we miss at least 5 dunks/layups a game!

  8. Brad Locke Says:

    At 11:50 of the first half, we’re tied 10-10. Kind of a ragged game so far. MSU’s shooting 28 percent, Washington 38 percent.

  9. carwwest Says:

    these refs are nuts…and washington is kind of dirty….watch off the ball activity and they like to use their hands to push off a lot and and step on people…

  10. benzadawgfan Says:

    Overton is mugging people!

  11. darkcooger Says:

    What the hell is with the officiating? These guys are out of their skulls.

  12. darkcooger Says:

    What the hell is with the officiating? These guys are out of their skulls.

  13. Brad Locke Says:

    Varnado and Brockman are both on the bench with two fouls. UW leads 21-16 at 7:05/1st half.

  14. carwwest Says:

    these refs will go from calling nothing to calling little iffy tough fouls…they are crazy….but we are going to have to figure out how to score because im not sure we can hit 20% of our three pointers anymore…im not even a barry stewart fan but he has been hot lately and needs to shoot some…

  15. mobiledawg Says:

    this may be the officiating crew from Tampa ..

  16. dadawg Says:

    Why is Dee out?

  17. maxdawg Says:

    Quit the hook shots. Two hands!

  18. goldendawg Says:

    We need to close this gap before the half or else we are in trouble

  19. carwwest Says:

    i dont know but twany is a liability and we have to find someone that can hit some baskets if we dont want to get run out of the arena…

  20. dadawg Says:

    Finally Phil….

  21. carwwest Says:

    it doent help that they are shooting lights out and we cant hit the broad side of a barn….rayvern hasnt been hot in a few weeks….put benock in…

  22. dadawg Says:

    This officiating crew is nuts….

  23. thingreenline Says:

    That was the worst shooting foul call I’ve ever seen

  24. mobiledawg Says:

    Rick better settle them down…..find the ones that want to give it all and put them on the floor!!

  25. Brad Locke Says:

    Wow, I don’t think that kind of continuation call would’ve flown in the NBA. But, Quincy Pondexter’s 3-point play with 2.6 seconds left gives Washington a 38-27 halftime lead over MSU.

  26. thingreenline Says:

    To the official that made that call = I hope your daughter gets knocked up by a Puerto Rican

  27. ukrainedog Says:

    Looks like our shooting is horrid; are they defending us that well or what?

  28. Brad Locke Says:

    Scorers for MSU: Stewart, B.Johnson and Augustus have 5 points each. For UW: Pondexter has 15, which is 3.5 above his season average, and three players with 4 – Brockman, Thomas and Grant.

    Some key stats:
    • Rebounds: MSU 15, UW 16
    • Turnovers: MSU 9, UW 7
    • Points in paint: MSU 10, UW 18
    • Shooting: MSU 30.8%, UW 50.0%
    • 3-pt shooting: MSU 25.0% (2-8), UW 33.3% (1-3)
    • Free throws: MSU 75.0% (9-12), UW 71.4% (5-7)
    • Bench points: MSU 11, UW 11

  29. Brad Locke Says:

    UW is playing good, tight defense up high. Not getting much penetration and kickout. And a few open looks just haven’t fallen. Need to keep Varnado in the game.

  30. carwwest Says:

    that was the worst continuation call i have ever seen….might as well have pushed him down a mid court, let him get up and dunk it and still count it….as bad as some of these critical calls have been, we still have been to the free throw line more and we HAVE to find someone that can make a basket…rayvern is in a funk and has been for a while…bost hasnt been hot in a while…….. stewart who has been hot, hasnt hardly shot….varnado played 6 minutes….bottom line is we have to shoot better and hope that they cool down because they are shooting lights out…why arent we running any double screens since they are guarding the perimeter so much??

  31. thingreenline Says:

    Jesus Christ

  32. carwwest Says:

    its over….so much for being able to make a freaking basket in this game….oh well, we are just making washington look a lot better than they are but they are shooting lights out….

  33. thingreenline Says:

    I’m sure the only possible damn option for MSU was to travel across the country to play in someone else’s (the #4 seed for crying out loud) back yard. That’s B.S. I thought the committee said a couple years ago they were going to try to let teams play closer to home?


  34. carwwest Says:

    buy jarvis….nice quarter of the game you played…

  35. carwwest Says:

    *bye im so mad i cant even type…

  36. thingreenline Says:

    This is ridiculous. Can’t even make a 1-footer.

  37. mobiledawg Says:

    somebody needs to shut overton up!!!!

  38. dadawg Says:

    We’re making a mediocre team look like a million bucks…

  39. mobiledawg Says:

    maybe Kodie can get that spark back for us

  40. thingreenline Says:

    Is Stans going to make an effort to get his guys fired up, or just stand there with his arms crossed?

  41. carwwest Says:

    overton is a dirty little thug….

  42. carwwest Says:

    its not stans fault we cant hit layups or anything….brian johnson is awful…

  43. dadawg Says:

    Somebody needs to step on Overton when he goes down again…

  44. thingreenline Says:

    I wish they would just turn it over to another game.

  45. ukrainedog Says:

    Looks bad.

  46. maxdawg Says:

    Purdue will whip that a$$.

  47. thingreenline Says:

    No, but he can jump on Bost’s ass when he tries stupid shots like he just did

  48. darkcooger Says:

    This is seriously one of the worst-officiated games I’ve ever seen.

  49. darkcooger Says:

    To reply to my previous comment, that’s no excuse – officiating isn’t losing us this game. It’s not helping, but the terrible shooting is the problem.

  50. carwwest Says:

    its not good officiating but its not why we are getting our azzes handed to us…

  51. thingreenline Says:

    It’s hard to give up on them with 10 minutes left to play, but damn.

  52. mobiledawg Says:

    thanks 4 on overton

  53. thingreenline Says:

    Overton looks just like Old Dirty Bastard.

  54. dadawg Says:

    We need some threes…

  55. Brad Locke Says:

    My opinion: Washington is just better. No shame in that. Frankly, I like Overton. If he’s getting away with anything, more power to him. That’s what refs are for.

  56. Brad Locke Says:

    ODB, RIP.

  57. thingreenline Says:

    Maybe they can keep driving inside and draw more fouls

  58. dannyripms Says:

    You know what’s the use of playing your heart out in the sec tourney, when you get to the NCAA and don’t show up, we look like lazy hicks, we are getting out hustled. No since in it!!! I understand shots don’t fall all the time but you can always hustle!!!!

  59. dadawg Says:

    Thanks Brad, come on home…

  60. carwwest Says:

    BL, they should be a better team but any team looks better than a team shooting 20 something percent…they should be winning by more with them shooting like 50%….

  61. thingreenline Says:

    Thats part of the reason I stay on Stans’ case all the time – he doesn’t get on his guys a$$ when they do something stupid (like not hustling). You’ve got to beat that horse all the way to the finish line!

    But, the reason it may apear they aren’t hustling is b/c they had to travel to the freaking NW coast to play after just winning four games in row.

  62. chrisfromcorinth Says:

    Just got home and started watching but it looks like the four games in the SEC and the travel got the best of them. Along with the enery spent on just winning and getting in the tournament celebration

  63. maxdawg Says:

    Can’t practice on a airplane.

  64. mobiledawg Says:

    live by the 3, you die by the 3

  65. maxdawg Says:

    I love dem Dawgs but Dangit! Got to work on layups and slams. So sick of hearing about how well we normally do compared to tonight. Got to admit great 3 point coverage though.

  66. darkcooger Says:

    @ dannyripms: You know the reason? Because after a season of struggling, learning, and trying to pull it all together, we won the SEC tournament against all odds and we earned a berth to the Big Dance.

    This one game is terrible, yes, but the season hasn’t been. 22 wins is nothing to sneeze at. Winning the SEC tournament is a great accomplishment. And we’re only losing one player to graduation.

    Yeah, rough game, but you know what? I’m proud of what the Dawgs have accomplished this year. Good season, Dawgs, and I’m looking to next season!

  67. maxdawg Says:

    If the future wasn’t looking so bright I might be sick to my stomach.

  68. maxdawg Says:

    Well played Huskies.

  69. mobiledawg Says:

    they did accomplish a lot this year, and this experience may help take them much further next year….this will be with them for a while…..great season

  70. Brad Locke Says:

    That’s all she wrote. A fine season ends with a 71-58 defeat to Washington.

  71. maxdawg Says:

    Sweetest alley-oop all year!!!

  72. goldendawg Says:

    I’m disappointed by the results today…
    Still proud of them… It’s been an exciting season. The future is bright.

  73. jbuzz74 Says:

    The Huskies deserved to win, the refs were poor, but not horrible. Stans is an idiot, when we had Swat, Augustus and Osby on the floor at the same time is the only time we had the matchup advantage and he only did that for a few mins. Our guys gave up at the end and that bothers me. But what bothers me most is BL statement that the Huskies were just better. Poor gameplan + poor in game coaching = lose.

  74. leeearl Says:

    We definitely needed a big man line-up against them, but I was disappointed in the way we played and shot, not much intensity on our part…I gotta give credit to Washington though, they are an excellent experienced defensive-minded team…Great season!!!!!!

    Next year will be a glorious year!!

  75. leeearl Says:

    Oh, and BL thanks for all the MSU basketball coverage this year…awesome!!!

    Don’t forget about that new offensive-minded football coach we got 🙂

  76. kstorey395 Says:

    We were awful shooting the basketball and I never harp on refs, but they totally changed the flow of the game in the first half…at least for us.

    We never settled in like we did at the SEC tournament. I think it was a collection of an emotonal tournament run, youth, inexperience, and a trip to Portland. Not to mention that horrible seeding–unlucky 13.

  77. kstorey395 Says:

    However, considering the run we had at the end of the season, I can’t complain. No one saw this coming a month ago. I certainly didn’t.

  78. kstorey395 Says:

    And here’s a thought…Can you think of the one former Bulldog that could have carried this team right through tournament, especially in a game like today?

    How about 1996 Bulldog Dontae Jones? He had just the right game to penetrate in the lane, score, or kick it out to a guard. Kodi Augustus has a similar game but needs more experience. He played alright today.

  79. leeearl Says:

    I would say Dampier, Brockman would’ve got punked inside…

  80. mathistondawg Says:

    I guess it is what it is. I can’t believe we shot so well against GA, then a little worse against LSU, then a little worse against TN, then hit rock bottom today. I don’t think I have ever felt more helpless watching a game – except for the football game against Maine.

    Great season team, I’m proud y’all made the tourney. Coach Stans, tell ’em to wait till next year – they will be hungry now. BL – have a safe trip home.

  81. mathistondawg Says:

    buzz – did you expect a championship? I take exception to Stans. We had 22 wins, SEC tourney champ, and in the dance – better than 9 other SEC schools. Most teams would give their left nut for the success our team has had under stans, but I guess since we have won so many championships in so many sports, our coaches are expected to win at all costs.

  82. Brad Locke Says:

    For what it’s worth, I had MSU making the Sweet 16 in my bracket. I really think they were more tired than they let on. As for getting back home, might not be able to get out until Sunday. Changing a flight can be expensive.

  83. msurulz Says:

    Props to Stans who took a team that although had great promise, was not expected to even compete for an SEC Championship let alone go to the NCAA Tourney. This team has shown a lot of class throughout the season and I think will be a force to be reckoned with next year and for several more years to come if Stans continues to bring in the kind of players that he has been signing. This team needed help in the post most of the year because as good as Varnado is, he needed some big body help. It is scary what this team would have looked like with someone like Rhodes in there to help. We are a dominate post player short of doing something really special with this team.

  84. maxdawg Says:

    I got to meet Turner, Stewart, and Varnado. Man that made my 12 hour trip to Tampa well worth it. Just to see how nice they are and get to talk to there parents lets me know how bad there hurting inside. I felt so bad for them. But now to know how hungry they are for next year. I know it makes them want to play the game more. Kodi don’t make the mistake some guys made last year. I just wanted tell Turner, Stewart, and Varnado that’s the first time I got to meet any players like that. I’ll never forget that. We love you guys. Get ready for next year!

  85. jbuzz74 Says:

    Mat-dawg – first off, it is my right to share my opinion, so I can say what I like about Stans. I sat back and listened to a lot of remarks by people about certain subjects that I didn’t agree with and let them say it. You can look at Stans track record. He is the winningest coach at MSU. He has had several 20 win seasons and has won the west few times and thats great. But when you get satisfied with that then you need to go. It is time to move to the next level. Stans IS AN INCREDIBLE RECRUITER, but not a great coach. He is an above average coach who wins on the talent he recruits. A great coach would take the talent we have an do more with it. Maybe not a National championship this year, but at least the sweet 16. He is not a great coach based on the underachievement of previous teams under his leadership, the fact that the players last year ran the team and not him, and the number of transfers that we have had leave. now granted some of them need to go, but some left for the reasons I have already stated. I am pleased with 23 wins by the way not 22, and the SEC tourn champ, but not satisfied, cause in athletics if you are complacent with where you are, you are a loser.

  86. thespear Says:

    jbuzz, state and stans have done a heck of a job with an athletic program that is given no chances, no breaks. Building a dynasty is not easy in Starkville. Its the truth, get over it. Not my fault, not your fault, not the universitys fault, thats just the way it is

  87. imabulldog Says:


  88. buzzardroostus Says:

    Once again I’ll give you Stans lovers a great quote from the late Paul Harvey: “To be average is to be best of the lousiest and lousiest of the best.” And I guess I’m supposed to be content being average. I’ll never stop being a Mississippi State fan. Nothing can change that. But we can be average for a lot less money.

  89. jbuzz74 Says:

    Spear. There is nothing to get over except complacency. Im not looking for a stupid dynasty. Im looking for getting the full potential out of the players we have. Stans does not do that PERIOD.

  90. imabulldog Says:

    let’s stop

  91. mathistondawg Says:

    I agree. They had a great year. Huge wins in Lexington (I was there) and tampa. We got a bad draw in the tournament, washington was clearly better, although we made it easy on them. How can you say we should be “sweet 16”? Should LSU? they are equal if not better than us. Is their season a disaster if they lose to UNC? I am saying at this point in a season anything can happen. Sure, I am disappointed, but not lashing out at the guys that got us there. Stans is a class act, and very disappointed himself right now. I promise you he is hungry and is already looking at how to improve next year.

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