Today’s Theme: Moving Forward


Day 2 of spring drills for Mississippi State was different mainly because it wasn’t Day 1. Know what I mean? Dan Mullen does. Following Thursday’s session, he noted that difference: “I think practice moves a little bit smoother, practice moves a little bit better. But also, my expectations are much higher Day 2.” Indeed they are, as evidenced by the volume of his, um, instruction. Hey, most coaches yell, but it’s always interesting to watch how certain coaches handle a practice. Mullen’s intensity is unmatched, and nobody is exempt from his wrath, including assistant coaches. If you don’t know the drill, expect to get reamed out.

The thing that you have to like about Mullen is that he balances that intensity with praise. He cited the players’ efforts Thursday while emphasizing how much work lies ahead. “There were some improvements, but a long way to go. I think offensively, just the execution, I’m a little disappointed at the speed in which we’re picking things up right now.”

MSU returns to the practice field at 10 a.m. Saturday for fully padded, full-contact drills. Mullen expects to learn a lot about his team then.

Speaking of moving forward, I’m supposed to set up my new blog today at, our new Web site. Hopefully, I’ll be posting stuff on it by this afternoon. Stay tuned to this blog for details.

As you can read in today’s Journal, MSU basketballer Jarvis Varnado is still pondering his future, while teammate Kodi Augustus has decided to stick with State. Speaking of players staying and going, Ole Miss starting center Malcolm White has left the team.

Finally, in baseball, the Bulldogs look to bounce back from a three-game sweep at the hands of Georgia and hope to find some runs at Arkansas this weekend. Today’s game starts at 6:35 p.m.


4 Responses to “Today’s Theme: Moving Forward”

  1. leeearl Says:

    I’m excited about the football team and can’t wait to see the results of Mullen’s first year…

    Really glad Kodi is staying and hope JV stays as well…

    Everyone have a great weekend!

  2. msustdnt2011 Says:

    I attended the spring practice and can say it is not a pretty site with our corner back position right now. I would say Corner backs and our D-line are looking extremely thin. I would like to say that Charles Mitchell is a bright spot in our secondary but I cant help but flash back to the deep ball he was beaten badly on in the Ole Miss game. Hopefully he learned from that. Looks like nearly everyone has gotten stronger though. Hopefully that will help some guys heading into the season.

  3. dasboss Says:

    msustdnt, I also attended the spring practice. C-Mitch will be fine. In fact, I believe he will a big-time player for us this year. We are thin at cornerback but I have faith that we have players that will step up this year. D-line should get a big boost with the arrival of Josh Boyd in the fall. All in all, we look like we are making progress and will hopefully be paid the dividends in the fall!

  4. carwwest Says:

    yeah i have been worried about the CBs especially since langston wont be on the team much longer….DL will just be very young…still wont dominate anyone by any means but hopefully they will develop…i just want to see some competetiveness and TDs this year…

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